Rugby Serie B: Caimans avalanche on Formigine (68-0)

Rugby Serie B: Caimans avalanche on Formigine (68-0)
Rugby Serie B: Caimans avalanche on Formigine (68-0)
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Game without history at Zaffanella where from the first minutes the Caimans put the game on the right track. 5 tries only in the first half for the yellow and blacks who extend the distances in the second half and with an excellent defensive performance they manage to leave their opponents 0. 5 points in the standings therefore for the yellow and blacks who thus find the top of the championship alone, leaving behind Modena which was observing the rest shift. Next round, Sunday 29 January against CUS Siena again within the friendly walls of the Zaffanella stadium in Viadana.

Markers: Pt 3′ m Gamboa JP tr Cafarra (7-0), 8′ m Ferro tr Cafarra (14-0), 16′ m Ferro tr Cafarra (21-0), 27′ m Gamboa JP tr Cafarra (28-0 ), 36′ m Fierro tr Cafarra (35-0), 43′ m Davolio tr Cafarra (42-0). St 44′ m Davolio (47-0), 56′ m Joubert tr Paternieri M. (54-0), 73′ m Donica tr Paterieri M. (61-0), 80′ m Donica tr Donica (68-0) .
Caimani Rugby Viadana: Ferro (60′ Donica), Boni, Arena, Jannelli (41′ Paternieri C.), De La Mare (45′ Crivaro), Paternieri M., Cafarra (46′ Joubert), Sarzi Amadè, Fierro (57′ Galeotti) , Cocconi, Artoni, Davolio (45′ Decuzzi), Halalilo, Gamboa JP (45′ Marcoleoni), Gamboa C.
Formigine Highlanders: Lanzani (63′ Serra), Witheridge (45′ Bagni), Vallone, Idammou, Balestrazzi S., Balestrazzi M., Abdellaoui (44′ Gulyevich), Cremonesi, Splendi (44′ Industrious), Colla, Munni, Corradini Zini ( 44′ Poli), Santa, Orlandi (50′ Palladino), Cantarelli (57′ Vandelli).
Note: pitch in good condition, sunny day, about 5th, man of the match Gamboa Claudio (Caimani)
Tags: 42′ red card for Paternieri C. (Caimani), 51′ yellow card for Balestrazzi (Highlanders), 61′ yellow card for Decuzzi (Caimani)

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