Unicusano Livorno beaten 20-25 by Primavera Roma. Table, results, standings and commentary.

Unicusano Livorno beaten 20-25 by Primavera Roma. Table, results, standings and commentary.
Unicusano Livorno beaten 20-25 by Primavera Roma. Table, results, standings and commentary.
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UNICUSANO LIVORNO RUGBY: Saleme (27′ St Bartolomucci); Ferraroni, Nanni, Cristiglio L. (27′ st Martinucci), Citi; Rolla, Tomaselli J.; Basha (28′ st Aranda), Mannelli (from 3′ st to 9′ st Andreotti), Baldi (3′ st Scrocco); Gragnani Giac. (cap.), Cristiglio A. (21′ st Piras); Ficarra, Giusti (15′ st Andreotti), Bufalini. Extra: Rossi, Chiesa T. All.: Marco Zaccagna.

SPRING ROME: Alessi; Martelletti, Marocchi, Salvemme (29′ st Lo Iacono), Di Giacomo (1′ st Triolo); Valesini (40′ st Manzi), Milardi; Callori Di Vignale (cap.), Giancarlini, Santantonio (24′ st Roscioli); Duke, Malaspina (24′ St Gasparini); Bilotti (21′ st Dinacci), Di Resta (29′ st Giunta), Campanelli (29′ st Custureri). Herds: Sebastian José Caffaratti.

REFEREE: Carmine Marrazzo of Modena.

SCORERS: in the pt (17-15) 4′ m. Ferraroni, 12′ cp Marocchi, 13′ m. Di Giacomo, 21′ m. Mannelli tr. Saleme, 30′ m. Martelletti tr. Morocco, 34′ m. Cristiglio L.; in the st 23′ cp Rolla, 25′ m. Alessi tr. Morocco, 38′ cp Morocco.

NOTE: cold day. Temporary expulsions for Ferraroni (7′ pt), Salvemme (18′ pt), Bufalini (38′ pt), Duca (38′ pt) and Aranda (37′ pt). In the standings 1 point for Unicusano Livorno Rugby (defeated by a margin of less than eight lengths; three tries scored) and 4 for Primavera Roma (who won; three tries scored). Set pieces: Rolla 1/2, Marocchi 2/2. Transformation kicks: Saleme 1/2, Rolla 0/1, Marocchi 2/3.

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LIVORNO. The Unicusano Livorno Rugby, with the so-called ‘defense bonus’, moves the standings, rises to 13 in the standings, catches Perugia in eighth place (which in this last day of the first leg observed a rest shift), but at the in the end, the bitterness for an avoidable defeat is greater than the satisfaction for the little step forward. At home against Primavera Roma, the green-and-whites lost 20-25, with three tries on each side. Only small episodes allowed the (valid) Capitoline formation to establish itself. Perhaps the draw – a result that is rarely recorded in the oval ball – would have more faithfully reflected the progress of a race traveled on the tracks of balance, with minimal margins on both sides. A match decided in fact in the very last minutes. Coach Zaccagna’s team extends the pace on the last in the standings (Napoli/Afragola, who closed the first part of the season without any success), while seeing the margin of advantage on the penultimate position, occupied by Villa, reduced to five lengths Pamphili.

This is the complete picture of the 11th and last day of the first round of group 3 of Serie A (in brackets the points valid for the standings): Lazio – Naples/Afragola 40-3 (5-0); Pesaro – Civitavecchia 25-17 (4-0); Unicusano Livorno Rugby – Spring Rome 20-25 (1-4); Cavalieri Prato/Sesto – Capitolina Rome 26-17 (4-0); Villa Pamphili Rome – Avezzano 24-28 (2-5); rest: Perugia. The new standings (all teams have played 10 games): Lazio 50; Knights 42; Capitoline 40; Avezzano 34; Pesaro 30; Spring 25; Civitavecchia 17; Perugia and Unicusano Livorno 13; Villa Pamphili 7; Naples/Afragola 5 Unicusano Livorno Rugby will host Civitavecchia next Sunday.

On balance, on the ‘Montano’ whipped by a cold wind, the Primavera team was rewarded only by its best set-piece goal percentage. Five yellow cards drawn by match director Marrazzo during a match in which Unicusano Livorno Rugby expressed itself on good levels. To evaluate the conditions of Basha, who came out battered in the final. Launched departure of the green-and-whites, who in the 4th minute open the ball with the goal of the young midfielder winger Ferraroni, who runs away on the left out, overtakes, with a clever five-a-side football, the extreme opponent Alessi in speed and goes to crush in position slightly decentralized on the left. In the subsequent conversion, fullback Saleme hit the post and therefore failed to round off the score. An episode that will weigh on the entire challenge. Three minutes later Ferraroni deserves the yellow card for a high tackle and temporarily leaves his team in fourteen. Primavera Roma took advantage of it and turned the situation around, with a place from the center and sniper Marocchi and with a try from the Di Giacomo wing, who exploited an inattention from the local rearguard. The green-and-whites, down 5-8, rearrange their ideas and, after a stubborn and insistent action, score their second try with the valid flanker Mannelli, able to crush the oval almost between the posts. And this time Saleme transforms: 12-8. At half an hour Martelletti signs the second half of the Romans, with Marocchi who converts, for 12-15. Four minutes later Leonardo Cristiglio replies, the center is very good at finding the right hole on the right out for the goal of 17-15. Before the break, yellow cards were given to Bufalini (Unicusano prop) and Duca (Primavera second line). In the second half, in the 63rd minute, Rolla (used in the opener and in the finale switched to full back) scores the 20-15 place. Only two minutes go by and the (definitive) overtaking of the Romans arrives, with the goal in speed of the extreme Alessi, transformed, from the right corner, by Marocchi: 20-22. Rolla touches the post on the pitch (74′), which would have given the hosts the advantage. The Leghornans finish the match in fourteen (yellow card for Aranda in the 77th minute). Accurate, once again, Marocchi proves himself from the pitch, setting the final at 20-25 in the 78th minute with a new penalty. The efforts of the very last seconds were useless for the green-and-whites, aimed at finding the goal that would have delivered the attack bonus and, above all, would have allowed them to avoid defeat. We have to settle for the point saved by virtue of the deficit of less than eight lengths. Now let’s turn the page: Civitavecchia will arrive at the ‘Montano’ next Sunday. A delicate match with a view to salvation.

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