Volleyball, Superlega, Verona wins again. Siena overtakes Cisterna

Volleyball, Superlega, Verona wins again. Siena overtakes Cisterna
Volleyball, Superlega, Verona wins again. Siena overtakes Cisterna
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By winning in Modena, the leaders win the regular season with six games to spare. Verona smiles again with Milan. Padua and Siena are back in the game for salvation

In the fifth day of return Verona wins after 4 consecutive knockouts while in Siena Emma Villas beats Cisterna and reopens the fight for salvation. With an overwhelming Takahashi Padova wins the salvation challenge with Taranto

Modena-Perugia 1-3 (25-23, 23-25, 16-25, 18-25)

And so, as it was easy to predict, Perugia only continues to win and with six matches still to play it wins the regular season of the Superlega. Modena tried, won the first set, didn’t take advantage of the 22 to 20 in the second, conceding then the angry return of the leaders who, after having evened the score also thanks to his majestic bench, found the descent. Palapanini sold out as in the great evenings. Perugia with Giannelli-Rychlicki, Flavio-Solè, Leon-Semeniuk, with free Colaci. Modena with Bruno-Lagumdzjia, Stankovic-Sanguinetti, Ngapeth-Rinaldi with free Rossini. It is immediately volleyball show. At the beginning he puts a lot of effort into serving even with several mistakes especially from Perugia. With Bruno’s ace and Lagumdzija’s attack Modena goes to + 4 (13-19) forcing Anastasi to call the first time out. Modena serves obliges Perugia to force the attacks in particular with Rychlicki. And so Giani’s team doubles the advantage with a block and Anastasi has to stop the game at 16-10. Leon misses his second serve in a row and on 17-11. Modena, in addition to Ngapeth who appeared immediately in the evening, benefits from the excellent start of Lagumdzjia who with a diagonal keeps +6 on 18-12. Stankovic does not close an easy ball of the possible 19-12. Immediately after Ngapeth’s mistake, Anastasi’s team brought Stankovic’s team closer for 22-17, with the 23-18 scored by the irrepressible Lagumdzjia. But after Plotynski’s attack, it was Russo’s jokes that put the Gialloblù in difficulty, with Perugia back in the slipstream on 23-20. Giani’s timeout, the Gialloblù Turkish player gives away the first set ball again. An out attack by Perugia closes the set at 23-15. In the second set Perugia goes back up at 4-3 with Rychlicki’s block on Lagumdzjia. Sanguinetti’s wrong serve (the third one), the invasion of one and Leon’s attack launch Sir ahead 8-4. Rinaldi always tried to receive, with an attack and a block he brings Modena back to 2 points. Rinaldi again with an ace and Perugia is ahead by only 1 (9-8) Sanguinetti’s wall on Flavio again equal. And with the wall invasion of Perugia, Valsa gets back on track 15-14. Ngapeth’s foot save explodes the Palapanini with Lagumdzia signs the 16-14. Giannelli’s invasion gives the hosts the double advantage (22- 20). Perugia reacts on Leon’s turn to serve. First a second touch by Giannelli and the Cuban champion’s ace restore parity. A foul called in Modena and a three-way block on Ngapeth makes Anastasi rejoice on the bench, aware of the fact that the game is turning. Modena gets closer to Leon’s wrong serve, Solè makes no mistake who closes and goes 1 to 1. As in the previous set, Perugia goes ahead 8-4 but this time keeps Modena at a distance with Herrera, Plotnyskyi in place of Semeniuk and Rychicly. And it is precisely the two newcomers who make the difference. There is no story, Giani calls Rinaldi on the bench, tries to take advantage of Sala, but the set slips away with 7 points from Herrera, 5 from Plotnysikyi, with 4 aces and 6 blocks for Anastasi’s team. After the monologue by Perugia is the fourth set that decides the direction of the match. Perugia with Giannelli-Herrera, Plotnyski-Leon, Russo and Solè. Modena with a formation like Perugia (3-2) with an out attack by Lagumdzjia. Ngapeth’s lob keeps the set on the edge of balance. Sanguinetti’s block on Leon gives courage to Giani’s team who want to bring the match back to the tie-break And Leon’s arm is hot again in serve. His ace on Ngapeth restores parity (7-7) Modena that can no longer play its own game. Perugia does not forgive and begins to dig furrows, winning the match by a gas drop. Leon top scorer of the evening with 19 points. Paolo Reggianini

Verona-Milan 3-0 (25-23, 27-25, 25-21)

First set of great balance with Verona who concentrates the weight of the reception on Mozic and Gaggini while Keita goes wild in attack with Sapozhkov (6 points each). Milan responds with Patry while Mergarejo struggles more (Piazza inserts Ebadipour) and Ishikawa has fewer balls. Sapozhkov and Keita close the set in favor of the Venetians. Balance also in the second set but Porro tries to open the game on the Japanese while Verona’s block targets Mergarejo and Patry. Milan is more lucid on long exchanges and gains an advantage break. It’s the block that saves Verona (while Keita continues with an 80% percentage) who hooks up to 18. In the point-to-point that follows, it’s a mistake by Milan that determines the first set point and Mozic closes on the third attempt. In the third set Verona leads on the momentum of the two sets won, Milan suffers in reception and defense and goes out on the wall always admirably placed. Verona closes the match without uncertainties and wins again after 4 consecutive knockouts.

Siena-Cisterna 3-1 (22-25, 25-19, 25-22, 25-18)

Second consecutive success for Siena, but it’s a contained joy waiting to know the extent of Pinali’s ankle injury, which relapsed very badly after the serve which is worth 25-22 in the third set. The Tuscans win 3-1 repeating the good match in Piacenza and completely relaunch themselves in the race for salvation, waiting for next Sunday’s direct confrontation against Padua. Not an easy day for Cisterna, with Dirlic mid-service due to a gastrointestinal problem and definitively out from the middle of the second set onwards. Soli proposes Bayram and Sedlacek in the band, with one of the many exes of the challenge (Rossi) in the center together with Zingel. Pelillo replies with the basic sextet. Cisterna always ahead, even if never beyond three lengths; the first break is a three-way block on Van Garderen (5-7), the second is another stop under the net (Dirlic on Pinali, 9-11), the definitive one is by Sedlacek (15-17). Dirlic signs two consecutive points (18-21), Van Garderen tries to mend (20-21) but Bayram restores the distances, before Zingel closes the accounts. Siena much better in the second, immediately ahead 8-5 with Ricci; Pelillo’s team, driven by three consecutive points from Petric, reaches +6 (13-7) and manages it comfortably. Alone changes Dirlic with Gutierrez, Pereyra and Pinelli also enter the fray for the hosts, whose extra weapon continues to be his captain, author of seven points in the juncture, including the one that sanctions the 1-1. Siena with impetus tries to escape also in the third (10-7), Sedlacek however puts everything down and carries on his (10-11). We continue in balance until 22-22, when Van Garderen crosses a splendid diagonal on a ball away from the net. Pinali for the 24-22, then on the following serve (the one in which he gets injured) Cisterna’s reception bungles and it’s 2-1 for Siena. The decisive break comes early in the fourth: two aces from Van Garderen for Siena’s 9-6, then Petric leads up to 14-7. Pereyra does well in the role of vice Pinali, Soli also tries the Martinez card, Van Garderen’s mistake is worth 15-12, but then Mazzone puts things right again with his serve (17-12). Cisterna fails to return, Bayram’s error in the serve ends the game on 25-18. Stefano Salvadori


Padua-Taranto 3-0 (25-21, 25-21, 25-20 )

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Padua wins the play-off with Taranto and puts three fundamental points in the farmhouse for their ranking. A game of great character that of the black and whites against the Apulians, who took to the field when the news of Siena’s victory over Cisterna had just arrived. A match in which the two teams practically played without their starting opposite: Taranto because Stefani is injured, Padova because Petkovic has practically not arrived. And so it was the hitters who had to “make the wood”: those of Padua put together 34 points (18 Takahashi, mvp of the match and 16 Asparuhov), those of Taranto only 27 with Loeppky star performer but Antonov less brilliant than usual. Cuttini drew the Guzzo card from the deck who played an excellent third set, Di Pinto tried the Gargiulo card for Ekstrand, but without great results. The record. Balanced start (6-6), the two teams keep the ball change regularly until 12-12. Takahashi signs the first break (14-12) and Crosato on 17-14. It’s the decisive break with Takahashi (9 points in the set) to take his hands (25-21). Favorable start for Padua at the start of the second set (9-5 and then 13-9). Taranto, however, plays better in defense and impacts on 15-15. Petkovic has the powder wet (18 percent in attack in the partial) and Di Pinto’s team puts the arrow (16-17). Takahashi’s service puts the black and whites ahead (22 -17), closes Asparuhov on 25-21. Taranto starts better at the start of the third set with Loeppky as the great protagonist and Petkovic (very foul and constantly blocked) replaced by Guzzo. The Apulians go easily on 5-8. Guzzo signs on 9-9. Di Pinto tries Gargiulo for Ekstrand (13-14), but Cuttini’s team puts the arrow back with the first block point of the match, signed by Guzzo (16-14). But Taranto rages against the block and the set is played point by point (17-17). Padova goes up 22-19 with Volpato: it’s the decisive break with the young Guzzo who closes the last two points of the match. The 3000 in Kioene Arena can explode with joy. The race for salvation will be a good thrilling until the last ball. There are now three teams in two points. Massimo Salmaso

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