Volleyball A1. In Novara the derby with Wash4Green Pinerolo

Volleyball A1. In Novara the derby with Wash4Green Pinerolo
Volleyball A1. In Novara the derby with Wash4Green Pinerolo
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Wash4Green Pinerolo lost in three sets at Igor Gorgonzola Novara in the second match of the second round of the A1 women’s volleyball championship on January 14, 2023.

Igor Gorgonzola Novara takes the entire stake in anticipation of the second day of return against Wash4Green Pinerolo.

An hour and a little more

In just over an hour Chirichella and teammates close a match played mostly one-way. Only in the third partial did Pinerolo prove difficult and combative but there was too much Igor for a Wash4Green that she also had to do without Yasmina Akrari. The white-blue central gives way to the American Jones who after his debut with Chieri takes the field in the starting sextet together with Gray, Ungureanu and Grajber in the band, Prandi in the control room, Zago opposite and Moro libero. In the home half Lavarini lines up the new signing Cambi, Adams diagonally with Bosetti, Chirichella and Bonifacio in the center, opposite Karakurt and the libero Fersino. The Mvp of the match is Bonifacio, author of 15 points and a super performance (92% in attack with 6 blocks). In the host half Zago and Ungureanu finish with 9 points.

1st SET (21′)

Bonifacio opens the ball first by blocking Ungureanu’s pipe then in attack (2-0). Two errors by the landlords allow Pinerolo to stay in the slipstream (4-2). Karakurt attacks the ball which is worth 7-2 then Jones quickly signs the first point of the guests. An excellent break led by Bosetti brings Igor Gorgonzola to +7 (13-6). Bonifacio and Chirichella are hot on the heels (17-8). In the Pinerolo half of the pitch it is difficult to find the right rhythm and Novara finishes without difficulty 25-12.

2nd SET (26′)

The landlords start strong, Bosetti’s ace is worth the 4-1. Ungureanu sends out first on service then in the pipe and gives away the 7-2. Marchiaro immediately stops the game and upon returning to the field Grajber wins the ball change (7-3). The host defense can do nothing against Adams’ power attack (9-4), then Bosetti places the ball in parallel to make it 13-8. Bonifacio blocks Ungureanu then Zago (16-8). In the final it is still the central blue to carry forward Novara (19-11). Ungureanu and Grajber chew on a few points, Gray blocks Karakurt (21-15) but the gap is too wide and Igor recovers the ball to close 25-17 with a lob from Bosetti.

3rd SET (26′)

Pinerolo scores the first break: Zago in attack and Adams who doesn’t cross the net (1-4). The landlords hook up with Chirichella against the wall (6-6). The set proceeds point by point, Zago responds well to Bosetti then Ungureanu attacks on 14-15. Ituma sends out and is +3 Pinerolo (14-17). Karakurt’s hands out shortens Bonifacio then takes care of zeroing the distances (20-20). Karakurt signs on 22-21 and it is again Bonifacio who signs the point that mortgages the set and the match. Chiricella blocks it on Zago 25-22.

Hot statements

Sara Bonifacio Igor Gorgonzola Novara: «I’m very happy, we needed this victory after the not so great result in Cev and also to get ready for the qualifying round of the Coppa Italia. Wall and defense went very well today. We have to try to get more continuity and tonight was the first step, we have to continue like this».

Reinelle Jones: «I’m very excited about the debut, I’ve waited my whole life for this match, I wasn’t nervous and tense I was just very excited and I still am despite the result against a very strong team. We can do better than this and I am sure that by working we will reach our goals».



(25/12, 25/17, 25/22)

Igor Gorgonzola Novara:

  • Change 2
  • Adams 12
  • Bossetti 13
  • Chirichella 6
  • Boniface 15
  • Karakurt 10
  • Fersino (L)
  • Ituma

Do not enter:

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  • Breeze
  • Giovannini
  • Battistoni
  • Danes
  • Varela
  • Carcaces
  • Bresciani (L).


Wash4Green Pinerolo:

  • Grajber 7
  • Prandi 2
  • Zago 9
  • Jones 3
  • Gray 2
  • Ungureanu 9
  • Moro (L)
  • Carletti
  • Bortoli

Do not enter:

  • Renieri
  • Compasses
  • Akrari
  • Gueli (L)



  • Maximilian Gardens
  • John Ciaccio

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