Serie B Volleyball m – Il Gabbiano “walls” the Asolarem. It suffers more, but Padova folds

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Mantova Il Gabbiano scores 13 out of 13 and closes the first leg with the twelfth 3-0 in the derby against the newly promoted Asola Remedello. Only in the initial stages of the second set and in the central stages of the third did Kema try to stay in line, but surrendered to the really super blue-and-white block with 16 final point blocks (six by Miselli, five by Ferrari). In serving and in attack Andreoli stood out for the power of his shots. In the first set Gabbiano got off to a good start, going 4-0 with Ferrari and 14-8 with the centre-back. Miselli and Andreoli extend to 21-12. Ace from the opposite and the newly entered Zanini closes the set by blocking. The balanced start of the second set breaks with Scaltriti and Andreoli and Gabbiano ahead 14-11. Two walls by Miselli widen the gap and Fasani calls time out. Asola struggled in attack and Andreoli’s nine-metre stone hit made it 21-13 before Cordani and Gola, who replaced Cordani himself, with an ace, put Gabbiano up 2-0. Gola remains on the court in the third set and becomes the protagonist. The service of the hosts digs a furrow on 12-5 and Andreoli again signs the local 17-14. Kema gets within two points of Gabbiano twice but Gola pushes back the opponents with an attack and an ace. The 3-0 comes on a mistake by the guests. «At the end of the first round – comments Serafini, coach of the Gabbiano – No one could have imagined such a path. Everything is the result of work in the gym. We have many weapons, like the team wall or individual solutions like Andreoli’s serve. All the players are ready and we have a very competitive squad». «The standings speak for themselves – comments Fasani, Kema’s coach – We tried to compete against a team without weak points and with a devastating wall. We’re having a very decent championship.”

Viadana suffers but wins, beating the second team of Kioene Padova 3-1 at the PalaFarina. The Venetians win the first set 25-23: ahead 20-14 they suffer the hook of E’più, but manage to get back in front and close 1-0. Viadana dominates the second set as evidenced by the final 25-18: Bartoli is a security for his teammates. Close battle in the following fraction, with Kioene running away, then Viadana blocks him at 19-19 and closes 25-23. The last set was without history, won 25-12: the block in the final was decisive. Viadana, without Chiesa and Trovò, redeems Caselle’s defeat in the tie-break with Dual. «What suffering – says the president Valeriano Rossi – Padua has never given up, even if it has dropped a bit at a distance. Welcome to this victory.”
Sergio Martini