Farewell to Federico Doga, high school student and baby talent of Rugby Rovato- Corriere.it

Farewell to Federico Doga, high school student and baby talent of Rugby Rovato- Corriere.it
Farewell to Federico Doga, high school student and baby talent of Rugby Rovato- Corriere.it
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The 16-year-old overwhelmed and killed by a car on Saturday evening in Iseo was a son of art and played as a tackler in defense of Rugby Rovato, a team coached up to two years ago by his mother’s partner Daniele Perrino, who coaches the women’s sector. Funeral today at 3pm

Scrum half. Federico Doga, the 16-year-old from Comezzano-Cizzago mangled by two cars on Saturday evening in Iseo, was a excellent tackler in defense of Rugby Rovato. He was there, behind every ordered scrum, to recover the ball. Intuition, quick eye and attention to the game. Unique qualities which, due to an absurd twist of fate, abandoned him on Saturday evening, when a Fiat Punto traveling at high speed ran over him in that street near the railway station, where now (with delay, yes, with very great delay) they will steps were taken to limit the speed of vehicles.

Federico was an only child and son of art. His mother, Chiara Galli, passed on to him that all-encompassing passion for the oval ball. She is the coach of the women’s Rugby Rovato team which she managed to bring to Serie A. Daniele Perrino, for years the mother’s new partner (the boy’s natural father is called Piercarlo) with whom the boy had a good relationshipinstead made him grow in the men’s training of the same club, which he coached up to two years ago and then moved to Parabiago as technical director. A complete athlete, Federico, like many who grew up in the excellent nursery of Rovato rubgy, team founded in 1976 by a group of high school students like him and which over the years has collected very important results for a provincial team (the tale of Calvisano rugby in a small way).

Parents attentive not only to the sporting growth of their child but also to the human, social and cultural one. Federico was in fact attending the third grade of the economic-social institute of Rovato and was accompanied to Iseo by his parents to spend an evening with friends. This is why at least three communities are upset. The sports one, from Rugby Rovato, who expresses all his pain and closeness to his parents (We hug parents Chiara and Daniele in a big hug. There are no words. Rest in peace Federico as well as the Old Rugby veterans Rovato : We gather around our dear friends Chiara Galli and Daniele Porrino for the passing of their beloved son Federico. Lto Rugby Parabiago club where Daniele Porrino technical director, she writes that she has no words to soothe her pain at such a moment. The whole Club embraces Daniele, his wife Chiara and all of his family in a strong embrace. fThe student community of Gigli di Rovato was established, where the principal Davide Uboldi wanted to remember the tragedy on the institute’s social networks: ‘The Lorenzo Gigli Institute of Higher Education in Rovato, in the person of the Headmaster, Davide Uboldi, representing all the school components, expresses condolences and closeness to Federico’s family: our attending student the third class G of the economic-social high school, who died prematurely on the streets of the municipality of Iseo. The small community of Comezzano-Cizzago has been devastated, where Federico lived in the center with his parents, where his grandfather Aldo Galli and grandmother Mariarosa Scotti still live there and where the mayor Alida Portieri offered his condolences to the family on behalf of the community

Today, Monday 9 January, at 3 pm the funeral of the young man, with the departure from the farewell house in Lograto. The church will hardly be able to contain the many friends and acquaintances who will say their last goodbyes to Federico. How will he fail to contain the pain and the questions that, once again, concern a young life cut short by a car accident.

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