I expected more. A new beginning for Cabral. White a new resource

I expected more. A new beginning for Cabral. White a new resource
I expected more. A new beginning for Cabral. White a new resource
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The usual Thursday comment by Enzo Bucchioni exclusively for Violanews. The problem of the few goals and the debut of Bianco are highlighted

I won’t hide it: I expected more. It’s above all the result that I don’t like because the Florentine at home with the Monza she had to win and instead she didn’t succeed. Because?

Very simple: the lack of concreteness, the lack of lucidity in front of goal. A flaw that this team cannot overcome. This is always the great limit of a brilliant and lively Fiorentina, which they built last night too numerous occasions, he shot more than twenty times towards the Monza goal but only scored one goal. Little, a pittance. And so it ends up that a match dominated for the entire first half and not closed, suddenly becomes complicated when strength decreases and there is less lucidity, when the opposing team with a few substitutions regains energy and draws. It ends up that you deserve to win, but you don’t win. And it makes you angry.

We talked about it throughout the world championship, when the championship was at a standstill, analyzing the numbers of the first part of the championship. There Fiorentina is third in the championship for chances created, the first for corner kicks, makes a huge amount of play, but only scored eighteen goals. The story is always the same, the goals with yesterday’s have become nineteen, but Fiorentina are unable to be concrete. It’s a team that wastes, it was once said. Yes, and this wastes a lot. He doesn’t know what cynicism is. Too many offensive players lack the necessary clarity. Ikonè it’s a beautiful butterfly that never lands on the right flower. Often throws uncoordinated and misses the last pass. Saponara he only scores great goals, the most banal ones don’t belong to him. But also Barak inside the area it’s as if the ball were burning between his feet, he loses his lucidity. And also Duncana midfielder who loves to shoot, always makes too many mistakes.

Maybe it’s the high speed with which the Florentine it moves and spins the ball to complicate matters. Surely the goal instinct is unknown for too many Viola players. Wasting, even from yesterday’s race two points are missing and, honestly, after so many good friendlies and so many goals, it was logical to expect something more. But, having said that, let’s start from what good we have seen hoping that sooner or later the wasted goal syndrome will also heal.

I can not start from the extraordinary network of Cabral. Riganò in the live report on Radiobruno compared it to one of Batistuta’s many goals, the same athletic arrogance in the progression, the same shot that risks breaking through the net. A goal from a true striker. Is it a new beginning? A year later this guy has finally released? We hope so. What is certain is that in that shot there was all the anger, disappointment and desire for revenge of twelve difficult months for him and full of doubts for everyone. But Cabral, in addition to scoring, he also played a good game, moving around a lot, working for the team. He missed other goals, he made mistakes in the final choices, in the last step, but if this goal unlocked him, if he can restart after this performance, the draw with Monza could become less indigestible.

Obviously we will know soon, as early as Saturday against Sassuolo, but the lives and stories of the strikers are full of goals called rebirth, of goals that close the darkness and open to the light. The signals must be seized and we seize them on the fly and we believe it will also seize it Italian who had promised himself to trust this player for 3-4 games at the beginning of the year, to try out his latest raise or possibly ask the club to return to the market. Good first, now confirmations are needed.


In terms of play, Fiorentina seemed alive, brilliant, motivated. Good fluidity, good passing lines, management of the game and situations. From here we must start again. Italian he did the training leaving all the veterans from the World Cup on the bench, Amrabat including even if he would have gladly played. Without Mandrake injured, the youngster pitched for the first time from the start White paired with Duncan. Choice to applaud. With youngsters it takes courage and to focus on a twenty-year-old director the courage is doubled. White it did not disappoint, on the contrary. He had a great first half, he certainly didn’t manage his strength, he didn’t hold back and maybe he should have been replaced sooner, but he’s an asset for today and a piece of Fiorentina for the future. After Cabral, White it’s another of the good things that help endure an unbearable draw.

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Let’s start from this, hoping for a quick return available and in shape Amrabat and Milenkovic, and of Nico Gonzalez as soon as possible. Nico too, some will say, doesn’t score much and it’s true, but unlike others he often makes the right choice in the last step and with a quickness of thought that manages to make the difference.

In conclusion, new energies can still come from this bitter balance. There are twenty-two league matches, one Coppa Italia and one Conference all to play and Fiorentina is there.

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