The Partannese Fortunato Atria passed away. A life for young people, volleyball and family

The Partannese Fortunato Atria passed away. A life for young people, volleyball and family
The Partannese Fortunato Atria passed away. A life for young people, volleyball and family
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Partanna mourns the 71-year-old Lucky Atriaknown by many as Eustachian.
He was a retired physical education teacher. He taught for many years in Salemi and was also a volleyball coach even after his retirement. In addition to teaching, he was the coach of men’s volleyball in Partana. He has always strongly believed in young people and in sport as a social redemption. He called the defeats “bullshit”. Team spirit for him was the fulcrum of everything, in sport as in life.

He considered volleyball, quoting Berruto, “a subversive sport”, capable of making girls and boys grow up in the cult of the strength and beauty of the team, the collective and the community.
For him, victory meant always trying to be the best we can.

Many friends who remembered him, including Giusy, a former student of his: “It hurts to know that we won’t meet him again at the stationery store. It was always an opportunity to remember the good old days, the ones that never come back, when it was good for little and sport gave meaning to the lives of many kids. We all respected Eustachio because he was authentic, just like when he decided to leave the team, but we all showed up at his house to dissuade him: a team, values, a way of being. You have given us this and I want to remember you like this. We are close to the children Mario and Valeria and to his wife Franca Inzerillo.

One of his pupils, Santino Atria, also remembers him like this: “Today is really a bad day, you tiptoe away without making a noise. I like to remember you with your smile and your inseparable cigarette. You have been a great friend and mentor. There were many moments spent together, between victories and defeats. Dear Prof. Eustachio you will forever remain in our hearts, it will be wonderful to remember you with your many volleyball episodes. Hi Prof.”

And again, the memory by Tamburello on his social networks, another of his many students: ““You are the son of Thomas and Mirella? I won’t let you train today, but tomorrow you can bring mum and dad so you can play with your teammates.”
I was only 5 years old but I perfectly remember every single exact word of that moment. That moment when my life took the path it was meant to take.

It is said that a coach leaves an indelible mark on the life of an athlete. A track that goes beyond the playing field, a value that forges your personality and that you carry with you throughout your life as a true trademark.

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In Partanna there are many of us who have the honor of having that brand, the result of the teachings of tactics and life of a great person, of a man who spent years of life and health to give us a gift that we are only now discovering to be immense. A person to whom we must say a thousand times thanks, to whom I must say a thousand times thanks.

So thank you Prof. Thank you for welcoming me into that group of children. Thank you for teaching me what team means. Thanks for letting me play. Thanks for letting me win. Thank you for taking me to the training camp with the national youth team. Thanks for making me a captain. Thank you for making me lift cups and kiss medals. Thank you for giving me a good sports story. Thanks for the bagher, the dribble, the dunk, the serve, the block. Thank you for teaching me to play in all positions. Thank you for making me known in Sicilian volleyball.
But most of all, thank you for teaching me to lose and to react with dignity and acceptance to defeat. Thank you for helping to make me a man and a sportsman.
Thank you for all the time dedicated to me and to the other guys. Thanks for getting us off the road. Thank you for advising me and smiling even in all the years in which our paths have separated but our souls have continued to play together. Thanks for everything.

Sadness and emotion prevail today, but I promise to transform them into strength and determination and to bring all of your teachings into the hearts of my athletes, as you did with me.
One day we’ll meet again and we’ll talk about volleyball again, together with all Libertas Partanna.
It was an honor to have her as a coach. It will be a privilege to have her as an example.
Thankful forever.
Goodbye “professed””

The editorial staff joins the pain of the family members.

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