Stakhovsky and Dolgopolov, what a drama for tennis players: it’s not over yet

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With the continuation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the failure of diplomatic mediations, there is also a certain tension in the sports arena

According to unofficial data coming from associations of international observers, the sportsmen who fell among volunteers, military and civilian victims in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine there are several dozen. Many of them professionals. From one side to the other.

Stakhovsky and Dolgopolov with Ukraine – Tennispress

There have been cases that have caused discussion. Russian sportsmen who stood in solidarity with their military by wearing the “Z” painted on the tanks that invaded the border on their uniform. And for this they were sanctioned or disqualified. Others have distanced themselves from the Russian government and military actions. And for this they were suspended by their competitive federation.

Russia and Ukraine, the confrontation on the tennis court

Almost all representatives of Russia and Belaruseven those of tennis, are suspended from any international competition. But while sport continues to ask for dialogue, diplomacy and a peaceful solution to the conflict, there are also Ukrainian sportsmen who are asking their Russian colleagues to take a critical and clear position with respect to Putin’s government.

The last to intervene in this sense were Sergiy Stakhovsky and Alex DolgopolovUkrainian professionals of the ATP circuit who during a long interview with the French newspaper The Team they called on their Russian colleagues to stand out clearly against the war.

The case of Stakhovsky and Dolgopolov

An abandoned tank near Kiev – Tennispress

“Neutrality and silence are no longer enough – He says Stakhovskywho for several months served in the tank crew engaged in the Donbass – it would be really important that all the voices of sport and not just those of tennis were unanimous against the war. Those who play sports cannot live with such a monstrosity.”

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Sergiy Stakhovsky he defines himself as a miracle worker: “The wagon in which we were moving to Donbass was hit by a missile. There have been some injuries. I can only say that I was extremely lucky. My tennis season won’t start, not now. I’m going back to the front.”

Also Alexei Dolgopolov will not be in Australia for the Adelaide tournaments and theAustralian Open: “I saw dead bodies, mass graves, devastated families and destroyed villages. In what state of mind could I train and play tennis? My contribution to the country is concrete. I am a military man. But I take advantage of the little popularity I have to make my voice heard. I hope that once the war is over Russian tennis players have an answer to give to their children who will ask what they did to prevent this from happening. Because the truth is, they did absolutely nothing.”

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