but where will the development go?

but where will the development go?
but where will the development go?
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Archived 2022, Ferrari is in the key days to deliberate the project of the new single-seater. But is the direction to take clear?

Second place in the Drivers’ World Championship with Charles Leclerc and second place in the Constructors’ Championship. 2022 of the Ferrari, reading it like this, was the best in a long time. But the simple data partially hide the truth, that of a team that has returned to winning but that had started (despite the denials during construction) with other much greater ambitions but which was then lost for many reasons. From mistakes on the wall to reliability ones, with an engine that often left the two riders in the lurch, passing through a project that struggled to express its full potential, also the fault of a budget cap which forced the Reds to tighten their belts already in the middle of the year, to then devote themselves completely to the new season.

Ferrari (ANSA)

Budget cap that could affect the fate of one in 2023 Red Bull which dominated the year that has just ended, which therefore must be all the more reason for Ferrari to push on its project and finally start under the thumbs. Because improving this time means only one thing: finally making the assault on the World Championship and bringing back that title to Maranello which has been missing since 2007 with Kimi Raikkonen and since 2008 the Constructors one.

After the last stage in Abu Dhabi, the opponents have already chosen to bet on the red bike as a favorite for next year, but it is in Italy that they must really believe in it. Because only in this way can you really go far. And to do this, the starting point is to understand what went and what didn’t in this 2022to try to improve its qualities even more and try to cancel or at least mitigate the negative effects that affected the performance of this year’s single-seater, the F1-75.

Ferrari, which way will development go?

After the last championship appointment, Matthias Binotto he has mapped out the road that the red will have to follow for the new car, but also for the team itself. Stability and evolution are the guidelines to be pursued also for the coming year. Stability that concerns not only the technicians but also the management, but to tell the truth the latter seems to be more of a wish than a real mantra, given that rumors of possible changes continue to circulate, despite the denials by Maranello.

The goal was to be competitive again and I think it has been achieved. But it is clear that we want a leap in quality“, reiterated the team principal. But it is precisely the last step that is the most difficult to take. An evolution that passes from better management of the race weekend, starting from tactics, but also from a single-seater that will necessarily have to find the keystone and guarantee greater reliability and speed. The first was lost on the way and was the main cause of the premature exit from the World fight this year, with a motor “restricted” in horses from mid-season at least to avoid new problems. And this is where the engineers are working hard, to fix the flaws and present again a “heart” capable of pumping out maximum power and countering opponents.

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And then we need to work on a car that, from an aerodynamic point of view, has paid the price to Red Bull, especially in the wakes. The solution of Ferrari’s very wide and sinuous bellies has not made converts except in the “twin” Haas and partly in Alfa Romeo. Rumors for several weeks have been talking about a change of philosophy precisely in this nerve sector as well as on the suspensions. All taking Red Bull as an example. But apparently Binotto immediately denied: “The 2023 Ferrari will look like neither a Red Bull nor a Mercedes, that’s for sure. It will be an evolution of the current car“.

A decisive sentence, which wanted to silence uncontrolled voices, but which for someone are just a way to evade the topic. Certainly there is something stuck in the evolution of this F1-75: was it just the budget cap that limited the extraction of the further potential it had? Or is there more? If the correct answer is the first, then it’s right that we continue on that path, but really getting the most out of it. But some corrective will have to be found, because the confrontation with Red Bull was also decided due to a question of aerodynamics which didn’t work.

Among the sectors to be reviewed also the vehicle fundwhich after the introduction of the anti-porpoising technical directive in Belgium created several problems for the F1-75, which seemed more nervous, especially on the curbs, and biting tyres. In Abu-Dhabi we have already seen a solution on the rear for 2023which should change the flows in that delicate area, but we can bet that the Ferrari technicians are studying a way to regain the stability that had made the Ferrari so effective until mid-year.

So the car is faster, easier to drive and above all reliable. Carlos Sainzfather of the Ferrari driver, also revealed: “Next year’s car has some good changes from the one that made him uncomfortable in 2022“. A sign that something in the key of 2023 has already known. Meanwhile, Binotto reassured everyone by saying: “It is clear to us what needs to be done“. And the fans of the Reds really hope so this time.

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