URC, Zebre: training visits Ulster

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Matt Kvesic on the pitch from the first minute, a possible debut also for Riccardo Genovese

URC, Zebre: the formation that visits Ulster (Ph. Zebre Rugby)

After a long break, the United Rugby Championship is ready to return to the scene and with it also the participating teams who will resume their march from the eighth day of the regular season.

Fabio Roselli’s Zebre will visit Ulster tomorrow night, Friday 25 November, with kick-off set for 8.35pm, live on TV on Eurosport 2 and streaming on Eurosport Player and Discovery+. Let’s find out which formation the Emilian coach chose.

URC, Zebre: training visits Ulster

The frontline department will see Lorenzo Pani occupy the fullback position with Simone Gesi and Jacopo Trulla at his sides as wings, in a section that will be completed by captain Enrico Lucchin and Richard Kriel as centers and by Chris Cook and Geronimo Prisciantelli in midfield.

Among the forwards there is the debut of Matt Kvesic, who will act as number 8 in a third row with Giacomo Ferrari and Guido Volpi as flankers, while Jan Uys and Andrea Zambonin will occupy the second row covering the backs of props Juan Pitinari and Matteo Nocera and to hooker Jacques Du Toit.

On the bench, ready to give their contribution during the match in progress, there will be 5 forwards and 3 backs: Marco Manfredi, Daniele Rimpelli, possible newcomer Riccardo Genovese, Leonard Krumov and Iacopo Bianchi, as well as Ratko Jelic, Joey Caputo and Erich Cronjé .


15.Lorenzo Pani (8)
14. Jacopo Trulla (29)
13.Richard Kriel (5)
12. Enrico Lucchin (Cap) (42)
11. Simone Gesi (10)
10. Geronimo Prisciantelli (3)
9. Chris Cook (9)
8. Matt Kvesic (0)
7. James Ferrari (1)
6. Guido Volpi (2)
5. Andrea Zambonin (24)
4. Jan Uys (1)
3. Matthew Nocera (26)
2. Jacques Du Toit (4)
1. Juan Pitinari (10)

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16. Marco Manfredi (29)
17. Daniel Rimpelli (56)
18. Riccardo Genovese (0)
19. Leonard Krumov (78)
20. Jacopo Bianchi (38)
21. Ratko Jelic (1)
22. Joey Caputo (2)
23. Erich Cronjé (19)

Fabio Roselli

Not available due to injury: Tommaso Boni, Paolo Buonfiglio, Tiff Eden, Joshua Furno, Mattia Mazzanti, Johan Meyer, Matteo Moscardi, Antonio Rizzi, Gabriele Venditti
Suspended: MJ Pelser

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