Diletta Leotta and Loris Karius irrepressible in Miami, the photos

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November 23, 2022 10:44 am

The sports presenter and the footballer entwined on the beach between kisses and cuddles

Escape to Florida
Diletta Leotta, 31, and Loris Karius, 29, have been together for a month and a half and the spark broke out between them in London, where she was studying to perfect her English and he plays for the Newcastle football team. They met again in Milan, where they were caught kissing in the shadow of the Madonnina. They have now flown to Florida. On vacation in Miami they show an overwhelming harmony and passion. Caught in the swimming pool of the hotel that hosted them, the two showed themselves in accomplices and intimate attitudes. She always clinging to the tattooed goalkeeper who conquered her with her sweetness and sympathy. In the images where they come out of the water, the sports presenter looks like the sensual protagonist of the 007 film, he holds her hand and embraces her with her statuesque physique. Then they relax on the loungers on Miami’s most famous beach between kisses, laughter and massages. And in the evening they go out in pairs beautiful and charming.

Diletta Leotta modern pin-up
She has always dreamed of being in the spotlight, so Diletta Leotta doesn’t worry if the flashes and lenses follow her even outside the stadium. In Miami with Loris Karius she lets herself be carried away by her feelings, regardless of what surrounds her. Behind her you have a “quasi-marriage” with Matteo Mammì, a story with Daniele Scardina, an overwhelming passion with Can Yaman. In September she seemed lost in love with Giacomo Cavalli, the model who lives in New York with whom she had been paired for some time. Yet, she has now moved on and is happier than ever in the arms of the Newcastle goalkeeper.

Proud of her sexy body
Diletta Leotta is proud of her curves and shows them with pride. “With my type of body you are sexy even in slippers, but I care about my body, I train like crazy and I like being a woman and being feminine. I’m happy to like it, that’s the basis: there’s nothing wrong with it, you don’t have to be afraid of showing yourself and the judgment of others ”she said some time ago. And so here she is in a bikini, fantastic and with sex appeal to spare.

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