Benevento, 12 years old suddenly collapses during a rugby match: he died a month later

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The tragedy took place in Benevento and a month after the illness the young man died in hospital

Posted on: 07-11-2022 15:44


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A long month of agony ended, unfortunately, with the death of a young man. It is the story of Mauro, 12 year old rugby player who on 9 October had collapsed at the “Alfredo Dell’Oste” sports field in Benevento and died on 5 November at the “Santobono” pediatric hospital in Naples. The young man had accused a sudden illness during a rugby match and for him, after several weeks, there was nothing more to do.

12 year old died after a month of agony

The agony of Mauro, a very young rugby player from Benevento, lasted almost a month died after falling ill in October. The 12-year-old, according to local media reports, had collapsed to the ground during a match, but without being the victim of tackles or contact.

In fact, from one moment to the next, the young man suddenly collapsed to the ground and did not regain consciousness. Stabilized in the field and urgently transported to the “San Pio” hospital in Benevento, a few hours later he was transferred by helicopter to the pediatric hospital “Santobono” of Naples.

Treatment and death in Naples

Despite the several weeks of treatment, the young man never regained consciousness and died at the “Santobono”. During the month his condition was carefully monitored by the doctors who were treating him and only in the hours before his death the situation seems to have collapsed.

The 12-year-old’s heart stopped beating on November 5, throwing the family into despair. Mauro, as reported by the Corriere della Sera, was the son of a well-known businessman from Benevento. The little one played in the team of the IV didactic circle which during this month has repeatedly shown its closeness to the family of the unfortunate rugby player.


The condolences of the mayor Mastella

Once he learns of the death of the 12-year-old, the mayor of Benevento Clemente Mastella he wanted to address a thought to the family of the young Mauro.

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“We are all close to little Mauro’s family who unfortunately didn’t make it. Struck by illness, while playing rugby, he was then transported to the Santobono. Death is always terrible, but when it touches a child we wonder why. We enter into crisis. Only faith helps us to try to understand and above all to accept. Human and Christian closeness to family members ”wrote the mayor of Benevento.

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