Auger-Aliassime unstoppable! Swept away Tiafoe too

Auger-Aliassime unstoppable! Swept away Tiafoe too
Auger-Aliassime unstoppable! Swept away Tiafoe too
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In the current poverty of French tennis, yesterday forced to face another hard farewell like that of Gilles Simonto emerge with more and more force is the face of Corentin Moutet. The 23 year old from Neuilly-sur-Seine is one of the few happy notes for the transalpines, with a 2022 in which for the first time he reached the fourth round in a Grand Slam (at US Openlosing from Ruud), and this week also the first eighth 1000, lost head-on against a solid Tsitsipas. From Monday Moutet will be number 51 in the world, best ranking, but, above all, he will no longer be a member of the FFT (Fédération française de Tennis), due to his intemperance on and off the court, as unsuitable and bizarre as his tennis can be explosive and whimsical on the court, especially when he can play with his beloved forehand.

The news of the expulsion by the French Federation came a couple of days ago, after the victory over Coricwith unfortunately multiple reasons, but some that stand out: the brawl with Andreev during the Orleans Challengerwhich the transalpine has also continued on social media, e the voluntary interruption of the match against Kecmanovic in Naples with a brutal throwing of a racket for complaints regarding the pitch. The FFT explained that it can no longer accept these behaviors from Moutet, who will therefore no longer be able to travel with the coach. Laurent Raymond, train in the facilities provided, or take advantage of federal financial support. In short, the transalpine will have to get by completely alone and, also swollen with regret, but decidedly honest, he well illustrated the situation in the press conference after the match against Tsitsipas, in which, despite everything, the public was widely deployed on his side.

The saddest thing is not necessarily not working with FFT anymore“, Explains Moutet,”in reality I am alone in the field. Then there are the parents, who are not seen, and are really part of my performance. The saddest thing is that I will no longer work with Laurent, who we were doing a great job with. I’m not perfect, nobody is, I have flaws that they don’t appreciate. It is their choice, if they want to support me they do it, otherwise I will do it with people who believe in me. The future is the same. I will continue to go on the pitch, to train, to do above all what I can. They announced it to me two days before Bercy, so it wasn’t easy to get organized. I did not expect, yet they were in my box in qualifying, often there with me telling me that I was doing things well. In terms of behavior, I’m certainly expressive, sometimes I get carried away by my emotions. But I can win tough games by going to my limit. I am a fighter, passionate and those who know me know that I work a lot. I was in my tournament, it was not the right time to think about all this“.

Yet despite the clear affection for the tournament, as well as for the people of Paris, who are always well disposed when playing a Frenchman, some of Moutet’s utterances are decidedly harsh and rather disillusioned. “A lot of things happen to me“, # 51 explains to the world,”I told myself I’d think about it after the tournament. Nobody likes injustice. In truth I met many people who believed in me, others did not, others who said both… The important thing is my relatives. I had the chance to meet my fitness coach. Along my way, I will meet many people who will believe in me when they need it and then leave me. It’s not really unfair, this is life, that’s the businessthat’s how“. These words clearly communicate the feelings of a boy who gives everything on the pitch, but too often escapes from the competitive dimension by producing behaviors that are not suitable for sportsmen who should also provide an example.

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