A play by Kvaratskhelia made things clear to the few Liverpool fans who believed in the feat

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A play by Kvaratskhelia made things clear during Liverpool-Napoli

The charm of Anfield usually pushes the Liverpool as if the field were going downhill. If this time it didn’t happen, at least until 85 ‘, the credit goes to Naples as reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport.

The play of Kvaratskhelia that cancels the hopes of a comeback

“After a few seconds a Kvaratskhelia tunnel to Alexander-Arnold clarified the situation to the few Reds fans who believed in the feat: a 4-0 would have been needed to overtake the Azzurri in the lead of the group, but Napoli had not made it to Anfield Alexander-Arnold, worried about Kvaratskhelia, climbed very little and the Reds’ maneuver was often blocked in midfield, where an excellent Lobotka reigned. And if the ball reached the trocar, Kim, Ostigard and Olivera would take care of it. two areas: this was missing from Napoli on the night of Anfield. Not a secondary thing, but not the only one to underline “

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