the front pages of the newspapers on newsstands Wednesday 2 November

the front pages of the newspapers on newsstands Wednesday 2 November
the front pages of the newspapers on newsstands Wednesday 2 November
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Here are the headlines of the front pages of the newspapers on newsstands. Press review by Salernonotizie

On the front page of the newspaper La Città we find:

Halloween: the night of the buzz. Boys in coma, hospitals on tilt. 14 under 35 transported with the ambulances of the “118”. Long waits in the emergency room

From the side: Bellizzi. Bomb explodes under a building “A retaliation”

Fisciano, the drama. Elena’s “miracle”. No internal injuries

Salerno. “Extended” canteen. Food controversy

Center of page: Battipaglia. The “black” Tusciano. The stream Cornea ends up in the viewfinder

Eboli. Resonance activated. Now the staff training

Shoulder: The Anac dossier. Purchase of drugs. The Region pays higher prices

Salerno. Square “managed” by residents “Do not dirty”

Scafati. Municipal field still unusable. Sos to companies

Low cut: Salerno passion. Bomber Dia sees the World Cup. Great heart Candreva: “Thank you, wonderful people of Salerno”

And again: Blitz at the Olimpico. Racist chants to the “Grazia” Figc grenade for Lazio

In the newspaper Le Cronache on the front page:

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Coscioni goes on vacation 15 employees risk the interruption of service. For workers, there is no certainty about the destination. The doctor, head of personnel, was promoted to manager of the complex training structure. Once the requests were approved, the new headquarters were not arranged. The disservices of the ASL of Salerno.

Shoulder: Sev Iren and the request for a change of contract. The Agcm (by Alfonso Malangone) intervenes

Center of page: There is already a battle over medical advice. For the lawyer Sica it had to be carried out immediately to establish the mental state of Giuseppe D’Auria. Today the interrogation of guarantee, the conditions of the child improve.

And again: Nocera Inferiore. Dear energy: the mayor De Maio turns off the street lamps in the suburbs

The train of memory in Cilento with the coffin of the Unknown Soldier. The story of Raphael Ptolemy. Three stops in Sapri, Vallo and Agropoli

From the side: History. The cult of the dead and Salerno traditions: “u ‘canisto”

Low cut: Angri. Aldo Severino and my memory of the meeting with Maradona

The boxes at the top: Towards the provincial. The French hypothesis disappears. Action stopped at the pole

Commemoration of the dead. Fight against illegal flower sellers. Fenailp asks for more controls for todaythe


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