Miryam Pigolotti, a 53-year-old Roman volleyball instructor is the new Miss Nonna

Miryam Pigolotti, a 53-year-old Roman volleyball instructor is the new Miss Nonna
Miryam Pigolotti, a 53-year-old Roman volleyball instructor is the new Miss Nonna
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Sunday 2 October, the occasion of the National Grandparents’ Day, in the events area of ​​the Hotel Milano Resort in Bellariaunder the patronage of the Municipality of Bellaria Igea Marina, the 18th edition from “MISS GRANDMA“, the first national competition, with registered trademark owned exclusively by Te.Ma Spettacoli (exclusive company also of the” Miss Italian Mom “competition), conceived by Paolo Teti, dedicated to grandmothers of all ages (26 grandmothers finalistscoming from all over Italy, 41 years the youngest participant, 75 years the oldest grandmother in the racethey walked the catwalk, aboard the vintage cars of the “Auto Moto Amici Group” of Bellaria Igea Marina, on the Isola dei Platani, the “living room” of the coastal city, then they paraded on the catwalk in elegant clothes and they ” challenged “in various tests, in fact, all the participants took a skill test such as singing, dancing, reciting a poem or trying their hand at various creative or sports tests, to win the title of”MISS GRANDMA 2022“.

MISS GRANDMA 2022” is MIRYAM PIGOLOTTI 53 years old, volleyball instructor, of Rome, mother of Alessandra and Luca, aged 28 and 24 and Leonardo’s grandmother aged 2. Miryam is a beautiful woman, sunny and very sweet, she conquered the public and the jury, proposing sports exercises with the volleyball ball.

Other bands assigned during the evening:

MISS GRANDMA, BRIDESMAID OF HONORVINCENZA GIACOBBE 41, financial advisor, di Villaricca (Naples)mother of Alessia and Vincenzo and 2-year-old Vittoria’s grandmother;

MISS GRANDMA RADIOSAFRANCA CARVELLI 54, labor consultant, of Romemother of Marilena and grandmother of Alessio of 7 months;

MISS SPORTS GRANDMOTHERANTONELLA MARCUZ 64 housewife of Veneto River (Pordenone)Gianluca’s mother and 9-year-old Mia’s grandmother;

MISS GRANDMA FASHIONMARIA D’ALESSANDRO 48, beautician, of Romemother of Giada, Cristian and Giorgia and grandmother of David and Arya aged 4 years and 9 months;

MISS SOLAR GRANDMABARBARA BANCHERO 52, insurance agent, of Genoamother of Edoardo and grandmother of Maria Vittoria and Nicolò, aged 7 and 1;

MISS GRANDMA ELEGANCEEDVIGE PROFILI 53, social health worker, of Trevi (Perugia)mother of Francesca and Emanuele and grandmother of Deva and Geremia, aged 5 and 3;

MISS GRANDMA GLAMOREMILIA MONOPOLI 55, housewife, of Trinitapoli (Barletta)mother of Luca, Marzia and Eleonora, 4-year-old grandmother of Antonio and future grandmother of a grandson arriving in December;

MISS GRANDMA ROMANTICMARIA PIA SARGENTI 75, housewife, of Mugnano (Perugia)mother of Fabio and Silvia, grandmother of Alessandro, Matteo, Chiara and Vittorio, aged 32, 25, 18 and 16 and Eleonora’s great-grandmother aged one and a half;

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MISS GRANDMA SWEETNESSFILOMENA GIONTA 68 housewife of Formia (Latina)Aurora’s mother, Sonia, Alfonso and Emanuela and Gaia’s grandmother, Marica, Gianmarco, Christian, Gabriel, Elena, Stella, Lorenzo, Martina and Leonardo, aged 22, 20, 18, 14, 13, 11, 10, 7, 6 and 5 years;

MISS GRANDMA CHICNATALYA ODUD 50, fitness instructor, of Lugo (Ravenna)Liliana’s mother and Leonardo’s grandmother;

MISS GRANDMA SPRINTALESSANDRA RADICE 69, housewife, of Cesenatico (Forlì Cesena)mother of Natalia and 9-year-old Alice’s grandmother;

The range of “MISS GRANDMA SPONSOR TOP“Went, on a par with PAOLA NOCERA 53, worker, of Pagani (Salerno)mother of Carolina, Zaira and Francesca and grandmother of Ludovica, Denise, Jolie and Antonio, aged 8, 4, 3 years and 4 months and a PATRIZIA MODENA 61, housewife, of Conselve (Padua)mother of Luca and Sara, aged 37 and 32 and the twins Martina and Veronica of 28 and grandmother of Leonardo, Athena and Mia, aged 4, 3 and 2.

All the awarded ladies will be protagonists of the “Miss Nonna 2023” Calendar.

The event was led by PAOLO TETI creator and patron of the competition, from BARBARA SEMERARO winner of the national title “Miss Italian Mum Top Sponsor 2016” (also the “Miss Italian Mom” ​​contest is an exclusive production of Te.Ma Spettacoli).

Te.Ma Spettacoli, after the great success of the competition is already at work for the next edition, grandmothers interested in participating in the competition dedicated to them (registrations are free), can contact Te.Ma Spettacoli at 0541 344300.

In the photo: from left, Barbara Semeraro, Francesco Grassi Municipal Councilor of the Municipality of Bellaria Igea Marina, Miryam Pigolotti “Miss Nonna 2022”, Paolo Teti and Elisabetta Farabolini “Miss Nonna 2021”

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