“Apologizing is a virtue of a few.” But the Juventus people are wondering about the Argentine

“Apologizing is a virtue of a few.” But the Juventus people are wondering about the Argentine
“Apologizing is a virtue of a few.” But the Juventus people are wondering about the Argentine
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TURIN – A few hours after the bad gesture, the Juventus fan has not forgotten and it is likely that Jorgelina’s post will be of little use Cardosowife of Angel Of Maria, written on Sunday evening and fed to waiting followers. “Making mistakes is everyone’s fault, accepting the mistake and apologizing is a virtue of a few …”, followed by an unequivocal “keep working always”: there is no doubt, in fact, that the Fideo after the scarce 40 minutes of Monza he will reach the United States where his Argentina will play a friendly in preparation for World against Honduras on the Italian night between Friday and Saturday at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, before repeating the following Wednesday against Jamaica.

The problem is there, there is no escape. Because, without prejudice to the impact of the Argentine on Juventus’ destinies and admitting that in the very rare moments in which Juventus turned on at the start of the season, it did so above all thanks to the imagination of the former PSG (the brushstroke for Bremer against the Benfica not allowed to many), the suspicion that gravitates around a good slice of the fans is that Fideo has anticipated that self-management of their muscles, which will lead them straight to the world championship in Qatar. Attention: it is highly inadvisable to be carried away by the wave of acute pessimism that has taken the hearts of the Juventus people in recent days, it is better to look for a hole that resembles, albeit remotely, a glimmer of redemption, but it is evident that in the moment in which the genius of the champion must light up to try to raise a team dominated even by the last in the Serie A championship standings, that’s it, that touch is not there. The latest example? Yesterday, before the well-deserved expulsion for the reaction nudge against Izzo, Di Maria has left no traces, given that the only sign of life of the Fideo in the report of the League is pigeonholed in the ranking of the fouls committed: two. The former defender of the Bull has mounted a “provocative” guard (Landucci explained it like this) on the Argentine who fell for it in full.

And it will be true that Di Maria in France was used to playing “forward” together with Messi And Neymar and that before landing in Turin he did not know the meaning of the expression “defensive phase”, having to align with habits unknown to him, but in short: the Fideo in Monza made it big, he lost his head, he dutifully apologized by assuming all the responsibilities of the bankruptcy trial in Brianza, but must do more. Now the Argentine risks skipping Bologna, Milan and the derby (difficult, not impossible for it to happen) reserving only the double crossing of Champions with Maccabi Haifa in the thirty days that will come from now on. Not great.

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