Ford, here is the new Fiesta: the attack on competitors is devastating | They outdid themselves.

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The new Fiesta is a real attack on Ford’s competitors. What emerges from the road tests and the analysis of the equipment in the workshop is surprising, in relation to cars of the same category.

In this regard, let’s talk about a new version of the Ford Fiesta STnamely the Fiesta St 1.5 EcoBoost. The engine, precisely the 1.5 EcoBoost model, is equipped with 200 hpand well 320 Nm of torque. The manual gearbox is six-speed.

The new Ford Fiesta ST, here in three color variations.

Always the engine, it is three-cylinder, and is an innovation of the previous model. There Parent companyin fact, relies heavily on the Fiesta ST model, e continue to innovate it, certainly in terms of technical performance, but also in terms of technological equipment and accessories. The new version has its own configuration hyper-equipped, and the performance on the road is really good. Let’s see everything in more detail.

Performance and benefits of the new Ford Fiesta ST

The new Ford Fiesta ST, during the Test Drive phase.

The weight it’s sizable, well 1,280 Kg in its most equipped configuration, but the three-cylinder engine ensures that performance on the road is still high and constant.

In terms of design, a restyling in detail, without distorting the model compared to the first version. The muzzle has a longer appearance gritty, with honeycomb grille, with side-by-side air intakes. Led Matrix headlights and 18 ”alloy wheels complete the aesthetic configuration.


As for the technical performance, with the new version we have passed from 290 to 320 Nm. For the moment when full power is not required, the mechanism of deactivation cylinders. It allows you to deactivate, precisely, one of the cylinders, and proceed to two cylinders, with considerable savings from fuel. Which, especially these days, is no small innovation. There is, in the engine, an integrated exhaust manifold, with the function of optimize the flow of the gas.

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Optimization present, compared to the previous version, also for the exhaust system. Thanks then to mechanical self-locking differentialproduced by Quaifea company specializing in the production of powertrain units and transmissions for automobiles, the new Ford Fiesta St also has one front-wheel drive optimizedensuring greater control over the vehicle.

The aforementioned differential coordinates with the Torque Vectoring Control, i.e. the dynamic traction control system. Its functioning consists in exercising aaction on the brakes, so as to control the speed of the wheels when cornering. To confirm greater control over stability in general. The manual transmission is the same as the previous version. The vehicle has acceleration from 0 to 100 Km / h in 6.5 secondsand comes to a speed from 232 Km / h.

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