Queen Elizabeth, 15 minutes with bowed head for the eight grandchildren of the sovereign

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The eight grandchildren of Elizabeth II they remained motionless, with their heads bowed, for 15 minutes around the coffin of the sovereign, for the vigil at the coffin of which today marks the ceremonies during the tribute to Westminster Hall. All together they entered at a cadenced step inside the room. On the third beat of a royal guard William and Harry together with Anna’s children, Andrea and Edoardo paid homage to their grandmother as a sign of affection and respect. William was flanked by Zara Tindall and Peter Philips, children of Princess Anne, Harry, on the other hand, by Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, daughters of Prince Andrew, together with the children of Prince Edward, Lady Louise Windsore Viscount Severn. The tense and inclined faces as a last honor to the grandmother who was the queen of the contemporary era.

Before the grandchildren, it was the turn of Elizabeth’s children to watch over the body of their mother for 15 minutes. “Vigil of the Princes”, this is the name of the funeral ceremony, for the members of the royal family to guard the coffin of a deceased relative before the burial ceremony. Carlo, Anna, Andrea and Edoardo they stood on all four sides of the coffin in military uniform. As happened for Harry, Andrea too was exceptionally able, albeit for a short time, to wear the uniform again, a privilege that he lost due to the Epstein scandal.

It is the first time Harry has worn the uniform since the start of his mourning period in which he had remained in plain clothes until now. He was allowed apparently by decision of King Charles III. Who, however, on the other hand, would have instead decided to exclude the second son and his wife Meghan Markle from the reception to be held on the eve of the state funeral, to welcome the many heads of state and world leaders arriving in London to pay homage to the sovereign. disappearance. The Daily Telegraph writes it and the tabloids report it: it is not clear how the ‘protocol mess – if true – could have occurred. In fact, it seems that the Dukes of Sussex were initially planned for the special event to be held in Buckingham Palace. Then, however, according to rumors, they would have been excluded from the list of the Palace, because the presence is foreseen only for members of the royal family ‘on duty’.

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