“You are half a man, yours is a mafia’s language.” Confrontation on citizenship income

“You are half a man, yours is a mafia’s language.” Confrontation on citizenship income
“You are half a man, yours is a mafia’s language.” Confrontation on citizenship income
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Tough distance confrontation between Matteo Renzi And Giuseppe Conte on Basic income. A “half man” who speaks with “the language of a political mafia”. The tones of the electoral campaign rise and it is Matteo Renzi who uses it the harshest epithet, at least until today, of this race to vote that has reached its final stages. It is striking that the target of this lashing phrase is not in the center-right but definitely more to the left, it is Giuseppe Conte. To make the former prime minister lose his temper were these words of the pentastellato leader pronounced by Sicily: «Renzi speaks of shame. But if he, senator of the Republic, who got paid by the Arabs and made a hustle on the Saudi Renaissance, is not ashamed, can the people who take citizenship income be ashamed? He takes 500 euros a day, ”he premiered with a personal attack. He then added, addressing the citizens who listened to him: «Do you think all these people who applaud take citizenship income? Renzi has to do one thing, come, finally without escort, among the people to talk, to expose his ideas of him. He comes to say that in Italy there is no need for a social protection system. He comes to tell it and don’t hide ».

A few hours pass and – in this hectic election campaign in which the leaders beat all the provinces of Italy to the ground – Matteo Renzi materializes in Genoa and does not use diplomatic tones: «You must be ashamed of Giuseppe Conte thinking that someone could beat me. This way of doing things that praises violence is incredible. Count you are a half man, have the courage to make a civil confrontation on the issues, this it is a mafia language of politics“. But it is not enough: “Three hours ago Palermo Conte said” Renzi is going to Palermo without an escort to say that he wants to remove the citizenship income “. What are you doing Giuseppe Conte? You are threatening physical violence, ”says Renzi.

In the evening, the M5s leader tries to lower the tone and does not violently rejoice: «Renzi stop with the cunning and don’t turn things upside down. Do not mistake the appeal that I renew to you for an invitation to violence: compare yourself without filters with the real world and listen to the voice of those who have nothing. The only real threat is the one that Renzi directs every day to those in serious economic difficulties and not even halfway through the month ». That the tones are rising is also demonstrated by an episode that took place in Naples at a gazebo of Impegno Civico, the political force led by Luigi Di Maio. «The boys of Civic Commitment have been beaten up – wrote the Foreign Minister – their t-shirts torn, the gazebo destroyed. This is not an election campaign. But to those who make violence an instrument of political propaganda I say to stop and apologize. I hope that all political parties will join in my appeal. We go forward with education and respect, these threats do not scare us, they do not stop us ».

The message to the Democratic Party: he must change his name to 5 Stars

“The Democratic Party who wants citizenship income and who files our Jobs Act is not changing his mind, he must change his name, they are called 5 Stars”. It is the comment of the leader of Italy Viva Matteo Renzi on the sidelines of an election rally a Genoa. “I think Letta is all wrong, poor thing, someone who arrives and first of all says” let’s raise taxes “… – says Renzi -. We have an electoral campaign in which Meloni leads the polls, Salvini and Berlusconi compete to make the lowest flat tax, in the face of this amazing list of promises from the center-right, what does the Democratic Party do? He thinks and says we raise taxes with inheritance tax. Brilliant ».


The energy

“I believe that the energy issue has been the main theme paradoxically since before the war because the speculation on energy started before the war and obviously exploded with the Ukrainian conflict – he said. Renzi -. There are two issues, the first is in the short term it is necessary to have a European agreement to lower costs and to reimburse not only energy-intensive companies which are obviously the most affected but also household expenses, municipalities for sports fields, clubs and parishes . The second theme is that it is useless for us to rely on France or other countries, we do not have the nuclear power we need in perspective, that of the new generation. We must unblock the renewables that are blocked by the superintendencies, we must go and get gas in the Adriatic. In the Adriatic there are six new plants that the Croats have taken and not us, we have oil in Basilicata that we do not take as much as we can put this. We have to double the tap and we have to put this regasification plant off Piombino ».

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