Laigueglia fire, flames under control: evacuees return to their homes, the damage count begins

Laigueglia fire, flames under control: evacuees return to their homes, the damage count begins
Laigueglia fire, flames under control: evacuees return to their homes, the damage count begins
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Adj. 4:55 pm. The governor has arrived on the spot Giovanni Toti, who together with the mayor Sasso del Verme viewed the area affected by the fire: “We do not yet know the causes of the fire – he said – the intervention was timely and appropriate, there are no injuries and the damage is limited” (HERE the full interview)

Adj. 16:35 hours. The shutdown operations are continuing, but the situation is under control, therefore it was decided to return all the people who had been evacuated to their homes. As for the damage, at first the rumor had spread that some villas had caught fire; fortunately, however, only some uninhabited buildings such as a former hotel or farm structures were hit by the flames, while the work of the firefighters saved the houses.

Adj. 3:50 pm. At the moment it is the Laigueglia front under control, where the fire broke out. Residents may not return to their homes yet, but some areas are already undergoing reclamation by the fire brigade. The wind, which has calmed down in the last few minutes, is also helping.

Adj. 15:30.We are currently not injured, neither among rescuers nor among citizens ”. He breathes a sigh of relief on mayor of Laigueglia Roberto Sasso del Verme who warns: “The wind and drought are not helping us, the front is moving towards Alassio. Hopefully, by air (was asked also the arrival of a second canadair ed), to be able to contain the flames. ”(HERE the complete interview).

Adj. 14:55. In the afternoon it is awaited the arrival of the president Giovanni Toti at the fire site. At the moment the flames continue to spread, several houses set on fire. Fortunately, it seems that there are no injuries: all the residents have fled their homes. Another plane has also arrived on the spot: now they are in action two helicopters and a canadair.

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Fire in Laigueglia

Adj. 2.30 pm. Situation increasingly dramaticdespite the arrival of air vehicles (a canadair) the flames are continuing to rise on the hill behind the town.

Several villas were destroyed from the flames, the greatest concern now is that, climbing the hill, the flames become much more devastating than the stake in Villanova d’Albenga


Adj. 13:35 hours. The flames surround the houses in the area, two families were displaced in via alla Quiete and damage was recorded on the top floor of a former hotel. The houses in via Summit are also at risk. On the spot arrived the mayors of Alassio and Laigueglia, Marco Melgrati and Roberto Sasso del Verme, who are monitoring the situation.

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TheImperia regional helicopter to support firefighters, civil protection and the 30 volunteers of the forest fire fighting on site with four vehicles that are working from the ground.

Laigueglia. An alarm went off a few minutes before 1pm for a fire in Laigueglia. Burning the hill between Alassio and Laigueglia, above the Via Aurelia, in the locality of Serre.

The column of smoke is also visible from Pietra Ligure. The firefighters of the Albenga team and several volunteers are working on the spot. The regional helicopter is also on its way to extinguish the flames that are very close to the houses.

The causes are not yet known.

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