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Horror in Izyum, whole family, parents, grandparents and little girl in the grave

More news of horrors from Izyum, where among the hundreds of bodies found in the mass grave in a wood on the outskirts of the city liberated by the Ukrainians, those of an entire family were also found.

According to reports Dmytro Lubinets, commissioner for human rights of the Ukrainian Parliament, in the grave there are the mother, the father, both in their thirties, the grandparents and the 5-6 year old girl. “We have news from local sources that they were all killed in the air strikes conducted by Russian planes,” said Lubinets in the video posted on Telegram, thus confirming that in the mass grave Both the victims of the bombings and people victims of summary executions were buried, some still buried with the rope around their neck and their hands tied.

Even the governor of the Kharkiv region, Oleh Synehubov, confirms that “there are many children, there are bodies with their hands tied behind their backs. All these facts will be investigated – he added – but this can only testify that the world is aware that this is a genocide of the Ukrainians ».


According to Oleksandr Ilyenkov, the chief prosecutor for war crimes in Kharkiv, it is believed that around 500 civilians were buried in the mass grave, a number that would sadly make it the largest mass grave found in Europe since the war in the former Yugoslavia. .

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