Elections, the direct – Renzi defines the Income “clientel system”. Conte: “Come and talk about it among the people without an escort”. And leader Iv goes on to insults

Elections, the direct – Renzi defines the Income “clientel system”. Conte: “Come and talk about it among the people without an escort”. And leader Iv goes on to insults
Elections, the direct – Renzi defines the Income “clientel system”. Conte: “Come and talk about it among the people without an escort”. And leader Iv goes on to insults
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17 Sep 2022


Letta: “A comeback started from the South”

“The comeback has begun and begins in the South. We are here to say exactly that.” So Enrico Letta in Reggio Calabria with Roberto Speranza and Pier Luigi Bersani.

17 Sep 2022


Berlusconi: “Re-discussing the PNRR would be very serious and illogical”

“It would be very serious if in order to re-discuss it (the PNRR) precious resources were put at risk that with so much effort we have procured to restart Italy”. This was stated by Silvio Berlusconi in an interview with ilsettimanale.pmi.it. With the PNRR, adds the leader of Forza Italia, there will be “more than 200 billion euros, which means almost 3,500 euros for every Italian. Of course, it is entirely reasonable to make marginal adjustments, in agreement with Europe, in the light of changed conditions, but nothing more than that. Re-discussing the PNRR would be illogical and dangerous, while there is no real reason to ask for it ”.

17 Sep 2022


Salvini: “Draghi find money bills as well as talking about puppets”

“I don’t have time to follow the press conference, I think it’s legitimate not to follow Draghi’s press conference, at least there isn’t a constitutional article that requires it yet”. Thus the secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini, to a question on the statements made yesterday by Prime Minister Mario Draghi at a press conference, on the sidelines of an initiative on flat tax and fiscal peace underway in Milan. Then he added: “Speaking of Draghi, as well as talking about puppets, I hope you find the time to find more money to help Italians pay their bills because I don’t know if you understand the national emergency we are facing” .

17 Sep 2022


Renzi: “Conte is half a man, he uses mafia language”

“You must be ashamed Giuseppe Conte thinking that someone can hit me. This way of doing things that praises violence is incredible, Conte sei un half man, have the courage to make a civil confrontation on the issues, this is the mafia language of politics ”. Thus the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi during an electoral rally in Genoa he attacks the words spoken by the leader of the M5S in Palermo. “Three hours ago Palermo Conte said ‘Renzi comes unescorted to Palermo to say that he wants to remove the citizenship income’, what are you doing Giuseppe Conte? You’re threatening the physical violence. – Renzi affirms – When someone says let’s go to the electoral campaign and bring all those with the citizenship income, he uses patronizing language, it is a vote of exchange ”.

17 Sep 2022

7:00 pm

Conte: “Renzi speaks of shame? Come and talk about unescorted income “

“Renzi speaks of shame. But if he is not ashamed, Senator of the Republic, who got paid by the Arabs and made a hustle on the Saudi Renaissance, can people who take citizenship income be ashamed? He takes 500 euros per day“. He said it Giuseppe Contein Agrigento, replying to Renzi’s statements that he defined as scandalous that Conte goes around the South, promising that he will confirm the Basic income. And speaking of citizenship income, the former prime minister, Conte, was applauded: “Do you think all these people who applaud – he commented – all take citizenship income? Renzi has to do one thing, come, finally without an escort, in the midst of people to talk, to expose his ideas. Come to say that in Italy there is no need for a social protection system. Come and say it and don’t hide ”.

17 Sep 2022


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Renzi: “Scandal that Conte goes south to promise to maintain citizenship income”

“For me it is a scandal that Giuseppe Conte go around the south promising everyone to keep the Basic income and go to the initiatives by pulling out the yellow card. I tell the Tuscans: you want this system exchange vote crony? “. Leader Iv said so Matteo Renzi on the sidelines of an electoral initiative in Florence. “You can vote for the 5 stars or even the Democratic Party who is now defending the Basic income – he added -. But when Conte also tells you in Tuscany ‘we let you redo the houses for free, that for free does not exist, there is nothing free in politics ”. “It is not that Conte is paying – he said again -, they are paying your children because it is a way to make the public debt weigh on the shoulders of the children. Then, there is nothing of it free in the proposals of the 5s there is a usual and scandalous demagogy ”. For Renzi “what is striking is that the Democratic Party has changed its mind on citizenship income, has changed its mind on ‘Casa Italia – Italia sicurà, has changed its mind on everything, in a while it will change its name and from the Democratic Party they will be called 5 Stars”.

17 Sep 2022


Renzi: “Private jet? Logistic choices that are not ideological “

“We do not campaign in Jet or even in electric bus but we are very pragmatic and we make logistical choices that are not ideological”, is the reply from Matteo Renzi heard by Tomorrow on the case of the private flight used by the leader of Italia viva last September 11 to reach Lugano from Naples. “It depends on where we go, on what times we have and on mere logistical choices. A private flight to Lugano from Herculaneum (I think at different costs than 15 thousand), but it depends on the timing and logistics. All expenses are reported, ”he added.

17 Sep 2022


Fratoianni: “Renzi climafreghista”

“There are those who, like us, campaign by train or electric car. And who, like Matteo Renzi, as a good climate fan, does it in a private jet, not caring about climate change and the damage it causes ”. He writes it on social media Nicola Fratoianni of the Left Green Alliance.

17 Sep 2022


Bonelli: “Renzi and the private jet? Here is the attention to the environment of a certain political class “

“We learn, thanks to the account @jetdeiricchi, that the co-leader of the Action-Italy alliance Viva Matteo Renzi last 11 September flew from Naples to Lugano with a private jet, for his electoral campaign, emitting 3.8 tons of CO2, which is much more than what a person emits in a whole year for travel (2.8 t / CO2). To fully understand the attention of a certain political class towards the environment and climate crisis, it is enough to evaluate their behavior, we add that Renzi’s trip cost 12 thousand euros ”. Thus the national co-spokesman of Europe green, Angelo Bonelli, exponent of the Green and Left Alliance. “Only a few weeks ago – he continues – we brought the issue of private jets into the political debate, suffering insults and accusations of all kinds starting with Renzi. This is precisely the attitude of a certain political class completely detached from the country’s problems starting from the climate crisis ”.

17 Sep 2022


Social controversy over the private jet used by Renzi

There is controversy on social media for the private jet used by Matteo Renzi to go, on 11 September, from Naples to Lugano. The Twitter profile of Jet dei rich (which estimates the environmental impact of private flights of the richest people in Italy) analyzed the movements by estimating the emissions caused by the flight at about 3.8 tons of CO2, including the movement “empty “From Rome to Naples. “In one year, a person emits about 2.8 tons of CO2 for all his transport”, they write adding: “Hey Matteo Renzi! Little style tip. During a climate emergency, campaigning in a private jet is a bit outdated“.

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