Draghi’s No to the second term crushes the hopes of Renzi and Calenda (who still insisted on the premier’s encore)

Draghi’s No to the second term crushes the hopes of Renzi and Calenda (who still insisted on the premier’s encore)
Draghi’s No to the second term crushes the hopes of Renzi and Calenda (who still insisted on the premier’s encore)
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It was and continues to be the workhorse of the self-styled “third pole“. From leaders to candidates of Action And Italy alivein recent weeks, the proposal of a Dragons bis after the vote it was incessant and pounding. To crush the hopes of Renzians and Calendians, it was the person concerned. Without mincing words, the Prime Minister Mario Draghi replied with a “No” dry to the question about his possible availability for a second term, during the press conference following the cabinet.

And to think that just today, Renzi and Calenda had continued to push in that direction. “Our goal is not to be the balance needle, but to be the pivot to continue the Draghi experience”. He said Carlo Calenda interviewed by CorriereTv. “With the situation we find ourselves, with interest rates rising, we need that remain to rule Draghi“, Added the leader of Action. To echo him in the morning had been Matteo Renzi. “Compared to the scenarios, I believe there are only two hypotheses. The first is that the right wins, and then Meloni goes to the government, the second is that we make 10 percent and then Draghi goes to the government“, Reiterated the founder of Italia viva that in an interview with The print he insisted: “If conditions are created and Mattarella propose it to him, I’m sure Mario Draghi would accept“.

And the reaction after Draghi’s No? “He couldn’t say anything else”is the comment filtered by Action: “Our proposal remains the same: government of national unity with Draghi’s agenda and possibly with Draghi himself, who else could not say as is obvious. It is not clear, however, who Letta wants to govern. Not with its allies, not with the 5 stars. The vote to the Democratic Party is thrown away precisely because it is unable to make a government proposal to the country ”, insist the party that continues on its way. The leader himself also spoke: “If Mario Draghi had said yes, the electoral campaign would have ended”, he underlined Carlo Calenda. As well as Matteo Renzi who from Pordenone comments: “But what do you think Draghi should say? I’m available? It is very good not to enter the electoral campaign, but I want to congratulate the Democratic Party for the enthusiasm he puts in the hypothesis that Draghi returns to the government and I want to remember that it is that same party that when there was a choice between Conte and the current prime minister went around saying ‘Count or death’. We all know that the difference will make it, and it did, just the call of Mattarella“, Replies the leader of Italia viva, suggesting that he still hopes in the involvement of the outgoing premier. But there is no lack of criticism. “I dare not imagine the desperation of Letta, Renzi and Calenda who had staked everything on ‘if you vote, Draghi will return with his agenda'”, writes the senator in a tweet. Movement 5 stars, Danilo Toninelli. And also from Nazarene comes a sarcastic comment: “With Draghi’s no to any proposal by Draghi Bis, it is now even clearer: Calenda and Renzi’s proposal does not exist. If not in their suggestive imaginary world ”, is the comment of the Democratic Party.

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