Giacomo Celentano and the insidious disease that hit him | How is Adriano’s son today

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The only son of the famous Molleilato has gone through a difficult time due to his illness. He then decided he wanted to talk about it to announce how he is.

The most beautiful couple in the world, as sang long ago, formed by Adriano Celentano And Claudia Mori has three children, females are Rosita And Rosalinda, appeared a little more often on TV than the male Giacomo. But perhaps not everyone knows that the latter followed in his father’s footsteps and entered the world of music.

Giacomo Celentano-Solospettacolo

Unfortunately however for a period of time he had to abandon his profession due to a bad disease, of which he also spoke in one of his books, confessing that he was healed thanks to faith.

Giacomo Celentano: illness and recovery

At the age of 24 Giacomo publishes his first album Inside the woodsand after a number of other albums and singles, and participation in the Sanremo Festival in 2002 in the youth section, he went behind the scenes of numerous Rai programs such as Dancing with the Stars And I leave you a Song 2.

Then, it starts to feel unwell. Frequent attacks that cause him breathing disordersfor no apparent reason until, he tells a Italian stories: “After years, finally a good doctor understood that my problem was related toanxiety. It was in fact anxiety, which I had somatized in my respiratory system “.

The depression tunnel it swallows it for a long time until, thanks to the help of faith, it comes out. And it’s right in his book The light beyond the dark – My path in faith to overcome depression, which tells the path taken to overcome the disease thanks to faith.


To faith and love for the wife Katia Cristiano with whom he has been married since 2002, and who gave him the son Samuel. The two are both very Christian, but according to James it is precisely because of his faith that he was unable to break into the world of music.

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“I was penalized and marginalized”

According to Celentano’s son, his music, which in the meantime has taken the path of spirituality, is discarded due to his strong faith. His accusations at the time were very clear: “I can say that I was penalized by the national media because of my faith. For more than eight years my path has led me to be literally banned ”.

Giacomo and his wife Katia-Solospettacolo

And he concludes: “I don’t accuse journalists, but when I present one of my songs to a record company, automatically is discarded, this for me is marginalization. I continue to do my two professions, songwriter and writer. “.

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