South Africa claims “its” record-breaking diamond

South Africa claims “its” record-breaking diamond
South Africa claims “its” record-breaking diamond
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The South Africa he wants his diamond back (to date the second largest in the world). The request that has been going on for some time has become, for about a week, precisely after the death of the Queen Elizabeth, more insistent. The diamond, known as Star of Africa or Cullinan I, it seems to belong to the South African people although the British monarchy claims something else. In fact, it seems that it was a gift from South Africa, for the royal family, back in 1905, when the country was colonized by the Great Britain. The story goes that the diamond was found by accident from Frederick Wellssupervisor of the Premier Mine located in Cullinan (in South Africa in fact) and owned by Thomas Cullinanduring one of his control rounds.

Star of Africa, the story of the second largest diamond in the world

After two years, the governor of Transvaal, the region where the mine was located (at the time under the rule of the British Empire) decided, after having bought the precious stone for £ 150,000 from Cullinan, to pay homage to it. King Edward VII for his 66th birthday with the aim of strengthening relations with the empire. The king accepted the gift and the stone was taken to London, where it was cut into 4 smaller diamonds: Cullinan I of 530.20 ct, Cullinan II of 317.40 ct, Cullinan III of 94.40 ct, Cullinan IV of 63 , 60 ct. The two diamonds Cullinan I and II are part of the crown treasure and therefore kept in the Tower of London while Cullinan III and IV are part of the personal jewels of Queen Elizabeth II and therefore are not exposed to the public.

South Africa claims Queen Elizabeth’s diamond

The debate regarding who is the legitimate owner of the Star of Africa and all the other precious stones found over the years in African mines is very heated. The Movement of African transformation, founded four years ago and known as ATM, is a South African political party led by Vuyolwethu Zungula who has very specific ideas on the matter. “My country should leave the Commonwealth, seek compensation for all the damage suffered by the British and write a new constitution based on the will of the South African people and not dictated by the British Magna Carta. Finally, he should ask for all the gold and diamonds stolen by the British. ‘

Of the same opinion is Thanduxolo Sabeloformer provincial secretary of the ANC KwaZulu-Natal.
‘The minerals of our country continue to benefit England at the expense of our people. If we are in a deep and shameful state of poverty, with a very high unemployment rate and a growing level of crime it is because of the oppression and devastation caused by her (Queen Elizabeth II) and her ancestors “stating that Cullinan diamonds must be sent back to South Africa immediately.
From this controversy, which is clearly not just about the diamond itself but about a destructive policy perpetrated by the British in South Africa, a petition was born. Over six thousand people signed it, asking that the Star of Africa be returned to the real owners.

The South African president Cyril Ramaphosa however, he did not express himself in this regard, limiting himself to publicly offering his condolences for the death of Queen Elizabeth II to the royal family.

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