Sergio Mattarella | at the Curie-Vittorini Institute

Sergio Mattarella | at the Curie-Vittorini Institute
Sergio Mattarella | at the Curie-Vittorini Institute
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Today’s important day, Friday 16 September, for the Municipality of Grugliasco. The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella returns to Turin for the third time in a year – the last in July for the swearing in of the Carabinieri students – specifically to attend “Tutti a scuola”, the traditional celebration of the inauguration of the school year. ‘Curie-Vittorini Institute of Allamano course attended by more than 2100 students.

Ceremony that turns 22 and is also broadcast live on RaiUno, starting at 4.35 pm, and is conducted by Roberta Rei and Flavio Insinna. The event will be attended, alongside the president, also by the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, as well as some delegations of students representing all Italian schools.

Welcome and inclusion are the themes at the center of the ceremony.

Also tell the stories of some female students and some Ukrainian students welcomed in Piedmontese schools.

There was a strong participation of artists from the world of music, entertainment, culture and sports: from the middle-distance runners twins Ala and Osama Zoghlami, to the multi-medaled swimmer Alessandro Miressi, to the captain of the women’s national football team Sara Gama, passing through the leaders of the Paralympic committee , led by the president of the Italian Paralympic Committee, Luca Pancalli, Andrea “Luky” Lucchetta.

Among the artists, the pianist Frida Bollani Magoni and Matteo Bocelli, and the actress Luisa Ranieri, as well as an orchestra composed of the best students of the Conservatories of Italy directed by Maestro Leonardo De Amicis.

During the phases preceding the event, the students were entertained by the State Police, with exercises that featured the “anti drug” and “anti bomb” dogs.

There was a huge deployment of police forces (Carabinieri, State Police, Guardia di Finanza, Local Police), who guarded the school area from the early hours of the morning.

Mattarella: “Without education, risk of collective decline and international marginalization”

An excited president thanked the students and school staff, the governor of the region, the mayors of Turin and Grugliasco. Mattarella recalled the tragedy of the Marche. “The start of the new school year is important for a country. The value of school is central to the Republic. Economic growth is closely related to the level of education. There is a risk of collective decline and international marginalization. if the school will not be at the center of our nation’s future projects. At school it is also an opportunity for personal growth, for socialization. Fundamental elements for shaping future generations. Now we need ideas, we need enthusiasm, to grow further. With the pandemic we have understood the importance of school. Without school you feel bad, you are painfully more alone, richer. School is freedom. And you are not free without culture and without cultural confrontation. School is integration, accustomed to confrontation, respect, inclusion “.


And on disability, he said that the school “cannot stop. Much still needs to be done on this issue. As well as on school dropout, to avoid an increase in the approach of children to crime. Teachers and school leaders are doing a lot,” an applause must be made for their daily commitment. But we cannot think that it is only the school that is responsible for the education of the children. There is a need to network with all the institutions and families “. A thought also to the phenomenon of bullying and the recent death of Alessandro, the young man from Gragnano, who killed himself as a result of bullying. Then a mention of “training and the quality of education, which must go hand in hand with the right to education”.

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Finally, a nod to the fact of the return of the school in the presence: “We must give life to a great Italian pact on school. A daily pact. And the Pnrr will allow us to give new life to schools. Safe, new schools, without territorial gaps and of digital barriers. The school is a defense of culture, socialization and growth. Even in the smallest areas “.

Minister Bianchi: “An open, inclusive, affectionate school”

Before the words of President Mattarella, Minister Bianchi intervened: “The goal this year is to have an open, inclusive, affectionate school”, he said before addressing a thought to the students of the Marche, affected by the flood. Then he returned to the theme of the beginning of school: “We opened without any particular problems, with teachers in each class, unlike in previous years”. Announcing the reform of technical and vocational schools, he also cited Article 2 of the Constitution, before telling how important today’s meeting at Curie-Vittorini was: “National solidarity is a fundamental element for students. The example it is precisely the Curie-Vittorini, where scholastic guidance is led by the students themselves. The battle for early school leaving also passes through these examples. Guys, take each other by the hand “.

The emotion of the mayor of Grugliasco, Emanuele Gaito

Visibly excited, this afternoon, Friday 16 September 2022, the mayor of Grugliasco, Emanuele Gaito. Above all because the event took place in a context that he knows well: that of the Curie-Vittorini, where he trained in high school.

“We are proud for this visit and for the choice of the Quirinale and the Ministry of Education to inaugurate the school year in an institution based in our city. school for this presidential visit. For me it is a double Source of pride because it was my school for 5 years, from which my political training also began, and because today I welcome President Mattarella to this school as mayor. Grugliasco I don’t remember any visits from Presidents of the Republic, which makes me even more proud.

Today schools are an important crossroads for the training of students and a point of reference for the many young people who attend them. I will tell the President and Minister Bianchi how important it is to preserve the school from the point of view of infrastructure and equipment for laboratories and classrooms and from the point of view of humans and teachers.

In recent years we have been trying to make the Region and the Metropolitan City understand how important this training center is, which is strategic for our city, the city of Turin and for the entire metropolitan area. We hope in the near future of a joint action between the Bodies to enhance these structures by starting an important and qualifying redevelopment process “.

The article is in Italian

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