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Autumn begins and we return to talk about the flu: “After two seasons where the flu seemed to disappear but it wasn’t (in 2021), while in 2022 we saw it reappear in February March and we had a few cases in the summer, what we expect in 2022-23 is a normal season as it was before the pandemic“, Andrea Orsi, Professor of Hygiene at the University of Genoa, explains to Primocanale.

“We observed what happened in the southern hemisphere, in Brazil, Argentina and there were normal seasons and even with a certain aggressiveness of the influenza virus. The virus has had time to evolve, our immune defenses have not been stressed in the last two seasons and therefore the perfect storm is preparing for the next flu season “.

But what is the normality of the flu? “Normally in the flu season we expect between 3 and 5 million cases in Italy and we expect a certain number of hospitalizations, even serious cases and even deaths, related to these cases, not many but they have always been registered. Normal season means going back to what we lived before the covid: between December and especially January and February there is a large blockage of the emergency rooms due to increased respiratory forms, absence from work due to fever, runny nose, absences from school: this is the season ahead. To the flu we must add the fact that the covid will continue to circulate and therefore we will have to deal with both the circulation of influenza viruses and the covid 19 disease “.

Everything is ready for the flu campaign that will start on October 17 in Liguria. Professor Orsi explains: “The recommendations are always the same: subjects over 65, pregnant women, health workers and all subjects of any age who have risk conditions. In this case it is the same risk categories reported also for the anti-covid vaccination. Returning to the flu, for some years the age has also been lowered to the 60-year-olds “.

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