Giulia Pauselli explains why they named their son Romeo Maria

Giulia Pauselli explains why they named their son Romeo Maria
Giulia Pauselli explains why they named their son Romeo Maria
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Little Romeo Maria was born on August 30th, the baby of Giulia Pauselli and Marcello Sacchetto. The crowning of a great, strong and indissoluble love that has lasted for several years.

Recently, Amici’s professional dancer indulged in a good chat with her followers, where she answered a few questions about giving birth.

Giulia Pauselli told how her life is now and how the birth went:

Life is now absolutely complete and has new energy and new goals in three. The birth went very well, it was the strongest experience of my life, I felt powerful and Marcello was super motivating, he was with me all the time. The best night of our life, very long at least for me. Indescribable! The birth was natural.

On his partner, the choreographer currently starring in Nudes for life, alongside Mara Maionchi:

Marcello is an absolutely present dad, he doesn’t make me miss anything. Neither help nor love. She makes me feel beautiful even though I still have a lot to recover from now.

Pauselli then revealed why they chose to call the baby Romeo:

As soon as we discovered that it was a boy, even though I felt it from the first moment, we already had a pr0nta list of names and Romeo was not among them, but Marcello came up with it. I loved Romeo and I immediately took into consideration also because he represents a bit of love. The story between Romeo and Juliet is the best known love story in the world. It also crowns the relationship between me and Marcello.

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A user asked if we will see her again to Amici:

I hope so, but I will only do it when I feel physically and psychologically ready. It does not mean only with data in hand on the scale, there is an important physical recovery, there is the stamina that must be recovered. The body must get back into shape capable of being able to sustain a performance. Strong also not to get hurt.

Giulia Pauselli also confessed why they decided to add a female name to the baby, and De Filippi also has something to do with it!

We like the idea that behind the name of a boy there was a female name, as if the sensitivity of a woman could embrace the name of a boy. Then it is also a very important name even if we are not practitioners. Last but not least, Maria is a person who has great importance for me and Marcello. She changed our lives.

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