Filippo Ferlazzo and bipolar disorder: a psychiatric report on the man who killed Alika in Civitanova?

Filippo Ferlazzo and bipolar disorder: a psychiatric report on the man who killed Alika in Civitanova?
Filippo Ferlazzo and bipolar disorder: a psychiatric report on the man who killed Alika in Civitanova?

Filippo Ferlazzo suffers from a bipolar disorder. Certified by the court of Salerno. And it would be 100% invalid. He made two psychiatric visits to the hospital in Civitanova Marche, the city where he has recently lived with his 45-year-old partner, Elena D .. And where he had now started working as a worker in the foundry. Steve Stampi with a fixed-term contract lasting one month. For this the legal Roberta Bizzarri will ask a psychiatric reporta for the man who killed Alika Ogorchukwu. His mother Ursula, with whom the man had lived in Salerno (where he had suffered a Tso), she had been named by the court as a kind of her own legal guardian. The woman lives in Salerno. Meanwhile today Ferlazzo will have to appear before the judge of the preliminary investigations of Stopped. Who will decide on the validation of the detention.

100% disability

Instead, on Tuesday, the autopsy on the victim’s body will establish whether it was those blows or suffocation that interrupted the heartbeat of the 39-year-old peddler, crushed by Ferlazza’s weight. The victim’s family has already said that his apologies are not enough: “We want justice.” The lawyer Francesco Mantella he also spoke of invalidity: «If this implication is inserted in the causes of the murder, it is necessary to reflect: why was he not supervised despite having a support administrator? We will have to start a series of checks ». Ferlazzo’s mother expressed her condolences to the victim and said she didn’t think her son was capable of doing something like this. For the woman there was no racism in the murder of the peddler in Corso Umberto I in Civitanova.

“I’m worried about him too,” she explained without hiding despite all her apprehension about what might happen to her son in prison now (he is currently in prison at Montacuto of Ancona) given its condition. The man’s girlfriend, who was born in Austriahe said in an interview with the Tg1 who was not present at the time of the incident: «I left and it all happened in a few minutes. When Philip came back he was covered in blood. I was praying for that man ». The municipal council has meanwhile set up a fund of 15 thousand euros for Charity, the peddler’s companion. The Civitanova entrepreneur Germano Ercoliowner of the footwear group Eurosuolewill donate € 10,000 to Alika’s family.

What is bipolar disorder

The bipolar disorderalso termed manic-depressive illness, it is a condition that sees experiencing periods of depression and hypomania. Interspersed with phases of normal mood. It is characterized by mood swings of a pathological nature that lead the person suffering from it from manic states. Experts explain that the length of the phases is subject to variations, but usually has the duration of three to six months. Interepisodic intervals can last for weeks, months, or even years. There are also those who quickly move from one phase to another. If the number of episodes is at least 4 per yearwe speak of rapid cyclicality.

Among the stages of the disease are distinguished that “Classic”, called “type 1”, which is characterized by alternating phases that remain distinct and separate. The duration varies from one to 6 months. They can be associated with vital triggering events or even with seasonal alternation. Often the symptoms are so strong that compulsory hospitalization is necessary. Ferlazzo’s parents are separated. As a teenager he had spent two years of treatment in a community of Lecce to get rid of drug addiction. The mother also tells of a compulsory health treatment administered to him in Salerno precisely for bipolar syndrome with psychotic behaviors and borderline personality disorder. Doctors had prescribed slow-release drugs for him. It is not known if he took them regularly.

Intermittent explosive disorder and homicides

Professor Claudio Mencacciemeritus director of the Department of Neuroscience at Asst Fatebenefratelli-Sacco in Milan, told the Corriere della Sera than in the case of Ferlazzo it is more plausible to speak of “intermittent explosive disorder”, which causes attacks of aggression with specific characteristics. «They are uncontrolled, unmotivated or totally disproportionate to the triggering cause (which can be a minimal or non-existent event), of short duration (maximum 30 minutes). Furthermore, they are recurrent and unpredictable, but characterized by premeditated violence. Such behaviors are part of the “disruptive disorders of impulses and conduct”. In practice we are talking about subjects who do not know how to control their anger ».

For Mencacci it is plausible that Ferlazzo could receive the recognition of semi-insanity: “But a lot of evaluations will be needed, including strictly medical examinations such as neurological examinations and checking for any past head trauma that may have caused an impulse discontrol. The investigators will have to verify if the killer is following medical and / or psychological treatment and if the manifestations of aggression had already occurred in the past. I do not exclude the possibility that a partial mental infirmity may be recognized, but certainly his behavior was dictated by great determination and deep hatred, to the point of killing his victim ». In Italy, the murders committed by those suffering from bipolar disorder they are 5-7% of the total.

“If they were two Italians …”

The disorder is not usually related to aggression. It is treated with drugs and cognitive-behavioral therapies. Sometimes a technique called Emdr (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, desensitization and re-processing through eye movements), effective in the treatment of trauma and psychological stress. Alika’s funeral is due to take place by the end of the week. A new demonstration is scheduled for Saturday in the city to remember what happened. “If they had been two Italians, things would have been different, someone would have intervened to detach them …”, says Patrick Guobadia of the Nigerian Association in Italy.

The girlfriend Elena D. has reconstructed everything in front of the investigators, explaining that yes, “that man with the crutch” had approached them to beg and had been a little insistent and had held her by the arm, but question seconds, she had struggled quickly and easily and everything was over there and she and Filippo had gone their way. «Instead Filippo went back…», she said Taking advantage of the fact that she had stopped in front of a clothing store: «Now I’m very angry with him. In an instant, Filippo destroyed everything, dreams and projects. I hope that one day in prison he realizes that we have ruined our lives. Him and me”.

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