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Moby Prince, collision because there was a third ship at sea – Chronicle

Moby Prince, collision because there was a third ship at sea – Chronicle
Moby Prince, collision because there was a third ship at sea – Chronicle
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“The Moby Prince collided with the oil tanker Agip Abruzzo due to the presence of a third ship which suddenly appeared in front of the ferry which caused a left turn which then caused the accident. Unfortunately this ship has not yet been identified with certainty. “, said Andrea Romano (Pd) chairman of the parliamentary commission of inquiry on the Moby Prince disaster, presenting the final report approved unanimously. The collision between the ferry and the Agip Abruzzo oil tanker took place in the harbor of Livorno on April 10, 1991, with 140 victims.

“We have not been able to give certain answers on the identification of the third ship because we have not had the time due to the early termination of the legislature, but we have suggested in the final report two paths to be followed in the future by both the judiciary and the next Parliament” the commission chairman said. “One concerns the ship 21 Oktobaar II, which is a former Somali fishing boat, and the other the presence in the stretch of sea affected by the presence of one or more barges engaged in possible clandestine bunkering operations”.

It was a spring evening that of 10 April 1991. In the Livorno harbor the ferry collided with Agip Abruzzo, a Snam oil tanker. Only the hub was saved. Relatives of 140 victims: “Parliament to investigate again” © ANSA

“Eni, which is a very large company and is a national pride, perhaps knew that Agip Abruzzo was where it shouldn’t be, perhaps it also knew about the blackout or the steam and even that it was perhaps involved in clandestine bunkering: we asked the materials of the internal investigations but we did not have them. I hope that those who do it in the future will be luckier than us “, said Romano. “Those documents for which I renew the appeal to make them public – observed Romano – can contribute to writing another important piece of truth about that tragic night”.

“The explosion occurred immediately after the collision but we do not yet have exhaustive answers on the presence of contaminated traces found on board for which further investigations would have been needed which, however, we could not do because we finished the investigations with the end of the legislature in view of the upcoming elections, “said Romano.

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“We came to the conclusion that the visibility conditions on the evening of the collision were good, if not excellent, with a breeze and a calm sea,” explained Romano. “We have also ascertained without a shadow of a doubt, thanks to in-depth scientific studies – added Romano – that the Agip Abruzzo oil tanker, against which the Moby Prince ferry will collide, was anchored in the harbor in an area where instead ‘was the ban on anchoring “.

“The commission of inquiry into the Moby Prince tragedy, which, I remember, was the greatest catastrophe of the Italian civilian navy. The unanimously approved report is not a trivial result, even if we are in the electoral campaign, but it shows that we cannot be divided on the need to clarify certain issues “, said Romano.

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