Reggio Emilia, two workers suspended for eating mortadella scraps: “We didn’t steal anything, we were just hungry”

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“I only ask to be able to go back to work and not to be punished for two slices of mortadella“. Two workers were suspended for taking and eating some slices of the salami destined for waste. The episode occurred at Reggio Emiliain a company of Veronesi Groupto which they are attributable the Aia groups And Negroni.

One of the two workers, interviewed by Rest of the Carlinostated: “We have acted in good faith, all in the light of the sun while knowing the presence of the cameras ”. After money and valuables disappeared from the lockers in the locker rooms, the company decided to install some surveillance cameras that filmed the two workers while they ate “a piece of dumpling” stuffed with the cured meat taken from those destined to be discarded.

This is an attitude that “has always been tolerated in the company, otherwise they should suspend everyone”, continued the worker. Now the two workers risk the dismissal and have challenged the suspension letters from work, requesting readmission. The Veronesi Group will have to make its decision known within fifteen days. In the meantime, the worker defended himself: “We didn’t steal anything, we were just hungry during the shift since the automatic food dispensers are not enough for eighty employees and by the afternoon they are already empty”.


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