Foods with negative calories, the more you eat the more you lose weight: that’s what Cook is

Foods with negative calories, the more you eat the more you lose weight: that’s what Cook is
Foods with negative calories, the more you eat the more you lose weight: that’s what Cook is
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Foods are defined a negative calories: they are foods characterized by such a small number of calories that introducing them and activating digestion would burn more than the caloric intake of the food ingested. So, in fact, let’s talk about foods that would make you lose weight by eating. A chimera? According to experts, it would not be a question of utopia at all. In fact, there is the so-called diet-induced thermogenesis.
“In simple terms it means that the body” burns “a certain amount of energy (ie calories) for the transformation of food, from chewing to actual digestion in the stomach up to the absorption of nutrients in the intestine” explains the dietician and nutritionist Jessica Benacchio on their website, pointing out how “The very act of eating burns calories”.
“There are some foods that allow us to consume more calories than those provided when we eat them, appropriately stimulating our metabolism.” These foods are low calorie foodscontaining low fat, low carbohydrates and low protein, but at the same time very rich in water.
“The balance between what is spent and what is entered can become negative,” argues the dietician. Among the negative calorie foods there are first of all vegetables: fruits and vegetables, but also spices. They are usually those richer in fiber and vitamins (especially C) to ensure diet-induced thermogenesis. As experts recommend, it is necessary to chew well and for a long time to aid digestion, to stimulate the production of gastric juices and to activate the process through which the sense of satiety is perceived.
In detail what these vegetables are we explain here. The first is the celery: with an intake of only 20 calories per 100 grams it is among the most low-calorie that exist. The digestive process to metabolize celery involves a greater expenditure of energy than the calories introduced to each stalk. We also talk abouthunger-breaking food par excellenceexcellent as a healthy and highly dietetic snack.

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