MOURINHO: “Zaniolo and Camara will play. Pilgrims too important to us. Helsinki? Those who think it will be easy are wrong “(VIDEO)

MOURINHO: “Zaniolo and Camara will play. Pilgrims too important to us. Helsinki? Those who think it will be easy are wrong “(VIDEO)
MOURINHO: “Zaniolo and Camara will play. Pilgrims too important to us. Helsinki? Those who think it will be easy are wrong “(VIDEO)
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AS ROMA NEWS – On the eve of Rome-Helsinkisecond match of group C of Europa Leaguethe Giallorossi coach Josè Mourinho intervenes in Press conference.

These the statements by the Portuguese coach on the commitment that awaits its children:

Mariani (Sky Sport): “Is your typical formation with Zaniolo-Dybala-Pellegrini and Abraham? Did you talk about Rome as a reference against Tottenham? “
“Because it was a very strong team, the strongest one we faced even if it was a friendly, very powerful team, and we had no defensive problems. We defend as a team, for you often the focus is on who is responsible for this or that goal, for us it is different. We were always in control of the situation for 90 minutes, strong attitude, and that’s why I talked about the reference game. For ninety minutes I have never seen that attitude again ”.

Question from a Finnish journalist: “Did you have the opportunity to notice anything in the Helsinki team?”
“The coach. When a team plays with them, organization, game idea. I like the team. A good team, very organized, also beautiful in the construction of the game. With Betis being false, it could have been completely different. He confirms that there has been an evolution in the quality of Scandinavian football. The technical level has improved, they have always had physicality. Difficult game, people think the opposite, but it’s not easy at all ”.

Pugliese (Gazzetta dello Sport): “You defined Zaniolo as an example. Is this Zaniolo what you are looking for? Will you play tomorrow? “
“Plays. And I repeat: he was injured without peace of mind, he wanted to return as soon as possible. He worked hard. He also wanted to take a risk, because the game before he made himself available when we knew he wasn’t there yet. Now he is very well prepared to play and tomorrow he plays. I don’t know if he will have 90 minutes, but I’m sure he will be at a high level. He is full of motivation and confidence, he was playing very well and he will be there tomorrow ”.

D’Ubaldo (Corriere dello Sport): “The return of Zaniolo will involve the displacement of Pellegrini. Will he lose something there?
“I spoke of three titular Pilgrims. He can play three different roles and in each of them he is a great player, he has an age that will allow him to improve, he is a top player. Too bad he’s only one, I’d love to have three. He can’t do everything together, that’s normal, but the team is the most important thing and he as captain knows it. A player must be available to the team, and he in this team is super important to us, wherever he plays ”.

Valdiserri (Corriere della Sera): “Are there plans B for tomorrow in defense?”
“Plan B for tomorrow, of the three play two. I leave plan B open … “

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Pastore (Il Romanista): “Can Camara play ninety minutes?”
“No, not ninety minutes. It’s been a month without playing. He was having some physical difficulties when he got here. He is learning the role and our way of playing, but tomorrow he will surely play ”.

Balzani (Leggo): “How is Bove growing? Will it find space tomorrow? Will Svilar play tomorrow?
“Rui Patricio will play, I don’t like that a goalkeeper plays one competition and one another. Svilar will play again, but he won’t play all the Europa League matches. He played well last week, but this time he plays Rui. Bove grows up, intelligent boy, professional, he takes things seriously and adult. He improves, and takes his chances both as a starter and on the bench. And he grows up. Whether he will end up like Zalewski last year is difficult to say, but he is growing, yes. “

Austini (Il Tempo): “He will let the players choose who takes a penalty. It feels more like an emotional thing, which cannot be planned in advance ”.
“We decide before the game who is first, second and third. Then the player must decide whether he feels it or whether to leave it to his partner. But every game is the first, in the last was Lorenzo. If you are interested in knowing who will be the first tomorrow, it will be Lorenzo ”. – Andrea Fiorini

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