Direct Italy-France: whoever wins goes to the semifinals at the European basketball championships

Direct Italy-France: whoever wins goes to the semifinals at the European basketball championships
Direct Italy-France: whoever wins goes to the semifinals at the European basketball championships
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In Berlin the great challenge between Italy and France. Up for grabs a place in the semifinal that the Azzurri have been missing for 19 years. Waiting for the winner, the qualified in tonight’s match between Slovenia and Poland.

France-Italy 85-82 Heurtel irrepressible, he goes inside undisturbed

France-Italy 83-82 Melli is fouled and goes to the line. Fifth foul for Fournier, 2’43 “to play. Melli scores 2/2

France-Italy 83-80 Heurtel also raises the parable and hits the mark, Italy in difficulty

France-Italy 81-80 Fournier raises the parable: winning

France-Italy 79-80 Melli’s offensive rebound, Spissu scores from 3

France-Italy 79-77 Heurtel in penetration, France returns to the front at the opening of extra time

France-Italy 77-77 We go to overtime and for the Azzurri the feeling of a great wasted opportunity remains, with Fontecchio 0/2 going free at the decisive moment. For Italy 18/40 for two and 11/28 for three

France-Italy 77-77 at the end of the fourth quarter

France-Italy 77-77 Fontecchio misses the last shot, it goes to extra time

France-Italy 77-77 Heurtel goes in and scores: parity 5.2 seconds from the end. Time-out Italy. Everyone embraces Fontecchio

France-Italy 75-77 Foul by Fournier, Fontecchio goes to the line with 16.3 seconds from the end but is 0/2

France-Italy 75-77 Do it immediately from Fontecchio with 19.5 seconds left. Time-out Italy. The blues will have 14 seconds for a new offensive action. Pozzecco: “Let’s go and shoot at the last second”

France-Italy 75-77 Tarpey rebounds offensively and scores

France-Italy 73-77 Spissu fakes the 3-pointer, enters and raises the parable: to score

France-Italy 73-75 Fournier in penetration, France at -2

France-Italy 71-75 Fournier scores the free throw

France-Italy 70-75 Spissu crashes into Gobert’s block, for the referee the simulation is excessive: technical foul on the blue at 1’27 “from the end

France-Italy 70-75 Gobert’s alley oop fished by Fournier

France-Italy 68-75 Monstrous Fontecchio: he takes an impossible shot from over 7 meters and puts it in, Italy at +7. Time-out France 2’15 “from the end

France-Italy 68-72 Spissu takes rebound and does it. On the line he is 2/2 with 2’54 “from the end

France-Italy 68-70 Crushes Gobert, France back to -2

France-Italy 66-70 Tarpey scores, is fouled by Melli (fourth), misses the additional shot and there is still the French invasion

France-Italy 64-70 Complicated action for Italy, Melli gives the ball to Fontecchio who at the end of 24 “finds the triple of +6. For the blues 10/27 from the three-point arc

France-Italy 64-67 Heurtel answers from 3

France-Italy 61-67 Spissu from 3 makes the blues breathe

France-Italy 61-64 Gobert’s alley oop caught by Heurtel (fifth assist). Time-out for Italy at 5’42 “from the end

France-Italy 59-64 Heurtel helped by the iron put in a triple, France at -5. Six minutes to play

France-Italy 56-64 Polonara fouls Gobert

France-Italy 56-64 Curls in step back at the end of 24 seconds

France-Italy 56-62 end of the third quarter

France-Italy 56-62 Polonara scores the additional free, Italy closes at +6 with 31 points in the third quarter, after having scored 31 in the first 20 minutes

France-Italy 56-61 Devastating Mannion, assist for Polonara who scores and is fouled

France-Italy 56-59 Mannion finds a highway and leans against the glass, Italy at +3

France-Italy 56-57 Italy ahead! Mannion steals the ball and scores in solitude

France-Italy 56-55 Datome again from 3!

France-Italy 56-52 Luwawu-Cabarrot makes 2/2 in the line, France at +4

France-Italy 54-52 Fall is 1/2 from the line

France-Italy 53-52 Third foul for Melli on Fall

France-Italy 53-52 Givenome from 3, Italy to -1. For Gigi 3/6 from a great distance. France calls time-out

France-Italy 53-49 Melli flies to crush in transition, Italy at -4

France-Italy 53-47 Fontecchio in the lunette is 2/2. Less than 4 minutes to play in the third quarter

France-Italy 53-45 Fournier from 3, for the Bleus 11/19 from the arch

France-Italy 50-45 Tonut on target

France-Italy 50-43 Yabusele from 3, for France is the tenth triple in this match

France-Italy 47-43 Melli to crush, he also takes the foul of Fall and scores the additional free: Italy at -4


France-Italy 47-40 Yabusele on the line is 2/2

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France-Italy 45-40 Fontecchio flies and leans against the scoreboard, Italy at -5

France-Italy 45-38 Polonara also crushes, on an assist from Melli

France-Italy 45-36 Crush by Yabusele

France-Italy 43-36 Spissu from 3, Italy to -7

France-Italy 43-33 Gobert in the line, misses the first shot, scores the second: +10 of the Bleus

France-Italy 42-33 Gobert leans against the glass, the ball remains there, Fontecchio tries to sweep it away but enters

France-Italy 40-33 Tonut hits, Italy goes back

France-Italy 40-31 It starts again, Yabusele pushes France to +9

France-Italy 38-31 End of the second quarter

France-Italy 38-31 Luwawu-Cabarrot tows Fontecchio. The second quarter ends 38-31, in which little was scored (11 points on each side) and Italy remained afloat without finding the turning point in attack. Only 12/36 from the field for Pozzecco’s men, France finished with 9/16 from three points

France-Italy 38-31 Stopped by Melli on Fournier, 9 seconds remain for the last blue action

France-Italy 38-31 Foul in attack on Melli, 33 seconds remain, France time-out

France-Italy 38-31 Datome fishes Melli who is going to crush

France-Italy 38-29 Polonara makes a mistake from below, Gobert sweeps regularly

France-Italy 38-29 Alley oop from Gobert, with an assist from Albicy. Pozzecco calls time-out when there are 2’25 “left at the interval

France-Italy 36-29 Yabusele from the left corner, another triple for France: 9/13

France-Italy 33-29 Basket valid for Polonara, Yabusele’s recovery was out of time

France-Italy 33-27 Spissu raises the parable and hits the mark

France-Italy 33-25 Fontecchio responds from the arc, Italy at -8, for him there are 11 points

France-Italy 33-22 Luwawu-Cabarrott from the corner, scary 8/10 from 3 of the Bleus

France-Italy 30-22 Heurtel from three brings France back to +8

France-Italy 27-22 Two minutes without scoring, the first basket of the second quarter is by Ricci

France-Italy 27-20 End of the first quarter

France-Italy 27-20 On the siren Datome in precarious balance finds another triple that keeps Italy in the running

France-Italy 27-17 Luwawu-Cabarrott got a taste for it, another triple and France at +10 with 75% from three

France-Italy 24-17 France in a state of grace from the arc: Heurtel’s triple brings it back to +7

France-Italy 21-17 Datome from 3 still shortens for Italy

France-Italy 21-14 Melli finds Fontecchio who scores

France-Italy 21-12 Luwawu-Cabarrott finds the three-point iron, the ball rears up and goes inside

France-Italy 18-12 Yabusele’s triple brings France back to +6

France-Italy 15-12 Italy grows in defense, Fontecchio in step back scores from 3

France-Italy 15-9 Fontecchio responds with a dunk on an assist from Spissu

France-Italy 15-7 Gobert’s Dunk caught by Tarpey

France-Italy 13-7 Spissu scored from three, Italy goes back

France-Italy 13-4 Terry Tarpey catches the rebound and then goes to close the action. France at +9, Pozzecco (recalled by the referees) uses the time-out when there are 5’36 “left to play

France-Italy 11-4 Marco Spissu scores from the line, Italy at -7 and with ball possession, but Tonut misses

France-Italy 11-3 Technical foul whistled against Evan Fournier

France-Italy 11-3 Fournier in penetration, passes between Fontecchio and Polonara, scores the desk pad and takes a foul, then also scores the additional shot

France-Italy 8-3 Fournier from three, France stretches

France-Italy 5-3 Fontecchio forces the shot from the corner, but is fouled. He misses the first free, scores the second

France-Italy 5-2 Gobert scores from below, France at +3 again

France Italy 3-2 Polonara recovers the ball in attack and goes to crush

France-Italy 3-0 Fournier’s triple opens the game

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