Russian funds, Urso: ‘There is no Italy for now’. Di Maio: ‘The dossiers could be more than one’ – Politics

Russian funds, Urso: ‘There is no Italy for now’. Di Maio: ‘The dossiers could be more than one’ – Politics
Russian funds, Urso: ‘There is no Italy for now’. Di Maio: ‘The dossiers could be more than one’ – Politics
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“I called a Copasir meeting on Friday because I am convinced that in two days we will have more information” on the US intelligence report which refers to Russia’s funding for parties in foreign countries. Copasir president Adolfo Urso said this on the sidelines of a point with the Italian press in Washington. The senator of the Brothers of Italy reiterated that at the moment Italy is not among the countries involved “but things can always change”. This is why “we will investigate the matter with Franco Gabrielli in the coming days”. THECopasir will hear on Friday the Delegated Authority for the security of the Republic Franco Gabrielli on the US intelligence report according to which Moscow would have allocated over 300 million to parties in foreign countries. The hearing is scheduled at 9. Already this morning, the president of the Committee Adolfo Urso made it known that, based on what was ascertained at the moment, Italy is not among the countries that would have received the funding.

ANSA agency

The transfers starting from 2014. This was stated by senior US executives on the basis of US intelligence investigations. Letta: ‘Government and Copasir intervene’. M5S: ‘Clarifying’. Crosetto: ‘Taking money from Moscow is high treason’. The League announces complaints to anyone who improperly cites the party and Salvini. (HANDLE)

“Giorgia Meloni’s perception in the United States is that of full reliability”, especially with respect to support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. This was stated by the president of Copasir and senator of the Brothers of Italy Adolfo Urso in response to a question from ANSA in Washington. “Giorgia Meloni what she says she achieves, what she promises she then she maintains, consistency, reliability and the ability to express herself in a clear and direct way are qualities that Americans appreciate”, he said again. “This is true even when some decisions are not shared,” he said.

“Today at the Business Council I had a meeting with Ambassador Volker who in the end gave me a note in which he says he has confidence in the role of Brothers of Italy and in my and the party’s commitment to NATO, in supporting to Ukraine and to sanctions against Russia and on the fact that the Brothers of Italy has zero connections with Moscow “, said the president of Copasir at a point with the Italian press in Washington, showing the ticket to the journalists present.

Di Maio, there could be more than one dossier on Russia
“The dossier may not be one. President Urso makes a very cautious statement, there are no statements of absolute certainty.” This was stated by the Foreign Minister, and leader of Civic Engagement, Luigi Di Maio, commenting to ‘Tagadà’ on La7 on the American dossier on the parties financed by Moscow and the words of the Copasir president Adolfo Urso, who declared that on the dossier ” there is no news concerning Italy “.

“I have been saying for weeks that there is a risk of Russian interference in the Italian electoral campaign. Putin has raised our bills by 10 times and is now trying to swallow in the electoral campaign. We are not sure, but that is why I I ask for the establishment of a commission of inquiry between Italian parties and the Russian world “. Thus Luigi Di Maio, Minister of Foreign Affairs, spoke to the microphones of the broadcast “Italy has awakened” on Radio Cusano Campus.

Read: ‘Immediately the truth’
“This shocking revelation about possible Russian funding for political parties has shocked the film of the election campaign. We must ask the truth today about this story, before the vote. We ask the government, if it has any evidence it must be immediately shown and object of the political debate. We ask the government to say it immediately, we ask for clarity, it is in itself a very serious matter “. This was said by the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, in a zoom with the candidates.

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Melons: ‘It is important to clarify’
“The EU in recent months has already extensively given examples of how in other nations Russia has tried in recent years to increase its sphere of influence using 360-degree tools. It is important to know, and it is important to know if the choices that some do they are convinced or in some way influenced by some interest “. She said it Giorgia Meloni on Radio 24. And if it turns out that Lega has taken money from Moscow ?, the leader of the Brothers of Italy was asked: “I don’t think it will happen. We have been talking about it for months, but nothing has emerged.” “Our forms of financing are all verifiable. I am sure that Fratelli d’Italia does not take money from foreigners,” Meloni said, announcing a lawsuit against Repubblica and Paul Volker for an article published in today’s edition of the newspaper. “Repubblica and Volker bring us the evidence. Since they are not there, I think the lawsuit is inevitable”.

Terzi writes to Volker, Fdi never received money from Russia
“I was deeply saddened and upset when reading in La Repubblica the affirmations that this newspaper attributes to you and the doubts that, according to what La Repubblica writes, you have expressed about possible Russian funding for the Brothers of Italy. I still cannot believe that the quote of your words is correct. ” He wrote it in a letter addressed to the former US ambassador Kurt Volker, the candidate of the Brothers of Italy Giulio Terzi Sant’Agata, former ambassador and foreign minister. In the letter, the head of international relations of FdI specified: “Brothers of Italy certainly did not need to wait for the next elections or to become a government force to demonstrate their strong and unshakable Euro-Atlantic commitment. then there has never been financial support, or of any other form and nature, to the party to which I belong from the Russian Federation “. Giulio Terzi concluded the letter with a request: “In the spirit of collaboration and a long-standing sharing of values, I would therefore like to ask you to clarify which concrete facts and circumstances the insinuations reported by La Repubblica are based on, if they actually correspond to yours. words”.

Salvini: ‘Fake news, I never took money from Russia’
“Never asked for and never took money, rubles, euros, dinars, dollars from Russia”. The leader of the League says so Matteo Salvini,guest of Non stop news on RTL 102.5. “Strange that every time, ten days after the vote, these fake news arrive: there have been open investigations for years, nothing has ever been found because there is nothing. It is another thing to work for peace and try to stop the war. If someone has taken money, tell it. It seems to me that someone especially on the left uses this story not to mention Italy, bills, folders and work. Those who help the League do it in Italy, in a transparent and spontaneous way “, he concludes.

Hope: Italians must know
“As a government we have never discussed these Russian funds. If our political forces have received them, the Italians must know. There can be no doubts of any kind on such delicate issues.” Thus the Minister of Health and leader of LeU in Agorà.

Dense: names and surnames or is it just poison on the vote
“We share the position of the President of the Commission who today indicated a targeted action to go and verify these interferences and hit them”. This was stated by the co-president of the Ecr group Raffaele Fitto in a press point in Strasbourg, answering a question on the subject of foreign interference in the EU in the case of Russian funds to various parties of 20 countries raised by the American services.

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