Mourinho: “Zaniolo and Camara play with Helsinki. In defense ready plan B ”- – Latest news As Roma football – Interviews, photos and videos

Mourinho: “Zaniolo and Camara play with Helsinki. In defense ready plan B ”- – Latest news As Roma football – Interviews, photos and videos
Mourinho: “Zaniolo and Camara play with Helsinki. In defense ready plan B ”- – Latest news As Roma football – Interviews, photos and videos
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The Giallorossi coach, accompanied by Nicolò Zaniolo, presents the Europa League match against the Finns: “The penalty taker? Tomorrow is always Pellegrini”

The Giallorossi coach José Mourinho spoke at 15:00 in a press conference on the eve of Rome-Helsinki. The Portuguese coach talked about the challenge of Europa Leaguescheduled for tomorrow at 9.00 pm at the Olympic stadium, answering the questions of the journalists present at the Fulvio Bernardini Sports Center in Trigoria. Together with the Special One, Nicolò will also speak Zaniolo.


After Empoli’s victory he talked about the match against Tottenham. What was important in that match?I consider it a reference race. Tottenham are very strong even if it was a friendly. We played against a powerful team and we didn’t have any defensive problems. We defended as a team. For you the focus is on the responsibility of the goal for us it is different. We were a team against a big team and we controlled the situation for 90 ‘. The attitude was very strong for this is reference.

Have you had the chance to notice anyone from the Helsinki team?“The coach got my attention. When a team plays with their ideas it is because the manager is good. I did the analysis, they are organized. They are also beautiful in building the game. The result against Betis is false. It could have been different and for me it is the confirmation of the evolution of Northern European football. The teams are organized, the level has improved. They are very physical and it will be a difficult race. People think it’s easy but it’s not like that ”.

In Empoli he called Zaniolo an example. Is this Zaniolo what you are looking for and is he ready tomorrow?Play Zaniolo. It was an injured person with no peace of mind. He wanted to return as soon as possible. He worked hard with doctors and trainers. He wanted to be available and take risks. He also made himself available when he wasn’t ready. Tomorrow he is ready, I decided to change after the 2-1 but he could enter. I don’t know if he’s 90 ‘but I’m sure he’ll be at a high level. The head is important and is full of confidence. He was playing well before the injury ”.

Did Pellegrini lose something playing in midfield?Last year I talked about three pilgrims who would be owners. He can play three different roles and he can improve. He is a top player and is important in all positions. If he plays right back he will take different things. A pity that he is only one, we try to give him a role where he is comfortable. He can’t do everything together but I don’t want to feed this thing. The team is the most important thing and Lorenzo as captain knows it. A player must be available, he is super important regardless of the position “.

Will anyone rest on defense?“Tomorrow there will be a plan B. Of the three, only two will play and now I leave plan B open”.


Can Camara play 90 minutes?No. When he arrived he hadn’t played for a month. His last match was the one with Slavia Prague. When he arrived he was having some physical difficulties. He is improving and learning from a tactical point of view and our way of playing in midfield and he will play tomorrow ”.

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Svilar play tomorrow?How is Bove’s growth progressing?Play Rui because I don’t like this competition. Svilar played the last one and will play again because a young player has to play every now and then but he won’t play all six Europa League games. Bove grows. I remember when we arrived he was playing with the Primavera. In the last season at the beginning of this he was in the first team. He is smart and mature. He is improving and takes every opportunity even if he starts off the bench. He grows. It is difficult to say if he will end up like Zalewski ”.

Will he continue to leave the players to decide who takes the penalties? Why isn’t this thing scheduled? “We decide before the game. Who is the first option, the second and the third. The first must feel if at that moment he has the confidence, if he feels good and then he can decide to give his teammate the opportunity to kick him. For us every game there is a first that in the last was Lorenzo. Tomorrow it will always be Lorenzo ”.

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