LIVE MN – Youth League, Milan-Dinamo Zagreb (2-0): let’s start again!

LIVE MN – Youth League, Milan-Dinamo Zagreb (2-0): let’s start again!
LIVE MN – Youth League, Milan-Dinamo Zagreb (2-0): let’s start again!
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48 & # 39; Sakota’s powerful right-footed shot from outside the area, the ball just comes out.

45 ‘The second half begins.

PERFECT first half for Milan Primavera, who closed two goals to zero against Dinamo Zagreb. The Rossoneri make no mistakes in these first forty-five minutes. El Hilali and Chaka Traore exchange favors in the two goals: first the assist of the former Parma for El Hilali, on the second the opposite happens. Now it is important to know how to keep the result.

45 ‘End of the first half!

45 ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL !!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL !!!! Enlightening passage by El Hilali for Chaka Traore, who face to face with Pršlja is not wrong!

39 & # 39; Dynamo Zagreb tries, but Milan defends orderly and compactly.

33 ‘Respire Milan after half an hour played at the highest level.

29 ‘Sensational play by Chaka Traore on the right and a conclusion that ends on the right of the net, creating the effect of the goal.

25 ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL !!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL !!! Lob on the edge of the Chaka Traore area for El Hilali who beats Pršlja with a right! Rossoneri ahead!

22 ‘Corner for Milan: Coubis stands out in the midst of everyone, but hits the ball badly.

21 & # 39; Another chance for Milan: Zeroli always enters the area and before kicking is anticipated by a visiting defender.

16 ‘Punishment from outside the area for Milan: Chaka Traore does not frame the goal.


14 ‘Corner Milan: quick exchange with Chaka Traore who enters the area and kicks on goal from a tight angle. Pršlja sends the Rossoneri back to the flag.

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13 ‘Here is the first chance of the match: Zeroli concludes from a good position, rejects the Croatian defense.

8 ‘Very intense game, especially in the middle of the field.

3 ‘First corner of the match for Milan. The Rossoneri restart from Lapo Nava.

0 ‘The match begins!

– Teams enter the field. Milan in the Rossoneri suit, Dinamo Zagreb with the white shirt.

Friends of, welcome to the “Puma House of Football-Centro Sportivo Vismara”: in a few moments the Rossoneri will face Dinamo Zagreb, a match valid for the second round of the Youth League groups. Mr. Abate’s team will face this match with a point, earned in the first day against Salzburg. Rimate with us to experience all the emotions of this exciting match!

Official formations:

AC MILAN (4-3-3): Nava; Bozzolan, Paloschi, Coubis, Simic; Eletu, Pluvio, Zeroli; Traore, Longhi, El Hilali. Available: Torriani, Gala, Foglio, Bakoune, Scotti and Bartesaghi, Lazetic. All .: Abate.

DYNAMO ZAGREB (4-1-4-1): Pršlja; Gubijan, Katinić, Živković, Cvetko; Čaić; Brkljača, Krdžalić, Lukanić, Rukavina; Topić. Available: Zrilić, Ruškovački, Katalinić, Čuljak, Tonon, Vrbančić, Šakota. Coach: Senzen.

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