Ukraine, Zelensky: “Russian army escapes”

Ukraine, Zelensky: “Russian army escapes”
Ukraine, Zelensky: “Russian army escapes”
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“These days the Russian army is giving its best, showing its back. And, after all, it is a good choice for them to escape. There is and will not be room for the occupiers in Ukraine.” This was stated by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, in his evening video message, after the confirmation of the Russian Defense Ministry of the withdrawal of Moscow forces from Izyum And Balakliya, in the eastern Ukrainian oblast of Kharkiv. Also freed from the troops of Kiev the city of Kupianskconsidered a key logistical hub “for the supplies of the Russian forces.

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“The movement of our soldiers continues in the various directions of the front”, said Zelensky, underlining that “at this moment, about 2,000 kilometers of our territory have already been freed as part of the operations started at the beginning of September”. Zelensky then thanked the “soldiers of the 15th Regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine, who have distinguished themselves in the direction of Kharkiv”.

Moscow: “It’s not retreat, troops in Donbass” – In a statement released by Ria Novosti, the Russian Defense Ministry explained that the decision was made to “gather Russian troops stationed in the Balakliya and Izyum regions” and “intensify efforts in Donetsk” in order to achieve ” the objectives set with the special military operation “and” liberate “the Donbass. The same Source then announced that several” diversions and demonstration events “were organized to hide” the real actions of the troops “and allow the withdrawal.

Meanwhile, Moscow-based officials in Ukraine’s northeastern Kharkiv region have asked residents of areas previously under their control to flee in the face of advancing Ukrainian forces. “I once again recommend that all residents of the Kharkiv region leave the area to protect their lives and health,” said the head of the Russian-appointed military administration, Vitaly Gantshev today.

Izium – The city of Izium has been liberated. This was announced by Mayor Vladimir Matsokin, in a radio interview. “Our Ukrainian armed forces are in Izium. It cannot be said that the military operation to liberate Izium is over, but our armed forces are operating.” “Our blue and yellow flag is already flying. This has been confirmed”, he added, speaking of “a real party, the day of the liberation of our city”. “September 10 is the day of the liberation of Izium from the Russian invaders,” he announced.

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Balakliya – Ukrainian forces have taken full control of the city of Balakliya. The announcement was made by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Kiev, Hanna Malyar. A few hours earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry had announced the withdrawal of troops from the area.

Kupiansk -Ssu members are in Kupiansk which is and always has been Ukrainian! We will free every inch of our land! “, Announced the Ukrainian Security Service (SSU), quoted by Ukrainska Pravda. Kupiansk is located along what used to be the front line between Russians and Ukrainians. According to the American think tank Institute for the Study of War the city was “a key logistical hub” for Russian forces’ supplies. A map shared on Twitter by Finnish services analyst Veli-Pekka Kivimaki highlights how many railway lines in northeastern Ukraine pass through Kupiansk.

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