De Masi at the Feast of Fact: “Ukrainian refugees welcomed with greater generosity than those arriving by boat, must make us think”

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“Ukraine is not a poor country, in the sense that it has resources, we have to ask ourselves why so many carers come from Ukraine, which in itself would be rich, and if you talk to them they have degrees in engineering, biology. Weren’t we aware of it before that migrants come from a rich nation to support our children, our grandparents, college graduates? “. So the sociologist Domenico De Masitalking about the theme of migration on the stage of the Fatto Quotidiano party during the presentation of the documentary “Escape to Alcatraz – story of a welcome project”.

“These people who arrived in Italy (because of the war ed.) arrived in the wake of others who had to come earlier when there was no war, to eat – he explained again – And it should be investigated because the refugees who arrive have been welcomed with much greater generosity from Ukraine rather than those who arrive with the boat. First of all, why are they not arrived with the boat, but with planes and trains, so we saw them more like us, non-emigrant travelers. And because this time in favor of Ukraine there was also the right, the right that does not want immigrants on the other side of the Mediterranean, it was in agreement because it was pro-Atlantic. So there is certainly our generosity, but why hasn’t this generosity been seen in Riace?

“So here we are in the presence of an extraordinary, splendid case, but the matter of the arrival so loved, almost courted, from Ukraine, must make us think. It means that in our collective imagination there are immigrants and immigrants ”, he concluded


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