Raspadori brings Spalletti to first place

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The worst on the pitch decided it, because football is always unpredictable. Raspadori until 89 minutes he hadn’t guessed one: it had been impalpable, imprecise, inconsistent. Spalletti he should have replaced him, but evidently his sixth sense as a coach made him decide differently. He kept him on the pitch until the end and was rewarded: with him Spice came the third victory later Lazio And Liverpool and, at least for one night, the Azzurri took back the first place in the standings.

Naples, how many difficulties

It was a much more difficult afternoon than expected for the Naplesthe challenge with the team of Gotti confirmed a feeling that had already been clear up until now: the team of Spalletti it works very well when he plays with the starting line-up, much less when he changes a few men. Also because the contribution that is coming from some of the new like Ndombelé it’s the same Raspadori, is not yet of an adequate level to the rest of the team. These victories, however, can only help Spalletti to speed up the growth of the squad: only in this way will Napoli be able to play a leading role this season.

Spalletti’s winning choice

At the Maradona the Naples he made the game (63.5% possession, 28 shots to 10) but had great difficulty in making it happen. The absence of Osimhen has made itself felt, because the choice of Raspadori instead of Simeone it has removed weight and consistency from the blue attack. He touched Kvaratskhelia turn on the blue team, with its usual numbers and the most dangerous conclusions. Dragowski has been saved several times on Anguissa come on Elmasbefore Spalletti decides to restore order to the team with Lobotka instead of Ndombelé, tried today from play and still appeared tarnished. Not even the entrances of Zielinski And Lozano however, the Polish midfielder, the Mexican winger and Elmas they wasted a lot. On the other hand she shivered instead Meret (already solicited by Gyasi in the first half) who was almost mocked by a hasty back pass of Mario Rui and from an excavation of Kiwior. Spalletti with Simeone And Gaetano he moved all-in late, but the decision that proved decisive was not to substitute Raspadori. At minute 89 Lozano has put in the center low shot from the right, Gaetano he missed the ball by deflecting it slightly, on the far post Raspadori he has not forgiven. THE fans at the Maradona they went crazy with joy e Spalletti he cheered towards the guest bench and took the second yellow card (sent off, he will probably miss the Milan next week). In the end the party was only blue.

Napoli-Spezia 1-0: match report and statistics

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Lampo Raspadori and Spezia ko: Napoli takes the top

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