what their relationships were like. The truth is unimaginable

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After the Queen died on September 8, 2022, rumors of the difficult relationship between her and the spouses Meghan and Harry persistently follow one another. Let’s see how things stand.

The soap opera of the century shows no signs of stopping. The media keep talking about the rebel dukes Harry and Meghan and their decision to abandon royal duties. Although this step took place in January 2020, the controversy does not seem to end after two years between those who take sides with the young couple and those who support the monarchy. Now that the Queen Elizabeth is dead, everyone wonders how the situation between the royals will evolve and how Harry and Meghan will be considered.

The world, after the initial shock of the loss of the queen, waits for answers and wants to understand what the real relationships are between the members of the monarchy and especially in what terms Elizabeth and Meghan ended their relationship. Certainly, the conditions have never been the best: the choice to leave England to move to America was seen by the royals as a real abandonment.

Harry and Meghanon the other hand, they could no longer bear the media pressure on them as well as the expectations of an institution, the monarchical one, of which they no longer felt part of it. So they left the United Kingdom for a more peaceful life where you can be masters of their choices. Obviously this was a hard blow to swallow for the queen who, on the other hand, she ruled out the two rebels from many of the royal privileges.

The Queen and Meghan last saw each other in July last year during her husband’s funeral Elizabeth, Prince Philip. On that occasion all the members of the family appeared extremely tried but above all detached from each other. Harry and Williamnow at loggerheads, they exchanged very few words while Meghan stayed behind for a while.


The current relationship between Meghan and the Queen

Harry and Meghan, at the time of the Queen’s death, they were in Europe to attend some charitable events. Before a Manchester to attend the One Young World Summit and then in Düsseldorf to present the 2023 edition of the Invictus Gamethe two would return from there on England for the WellChild Wards charity event.

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Their plans should not have included a visit to the Queen in Scotland, much less any other family members. Indeed, relations between Harry and William are increasingly strained as evidenced by the fact that the two couples have never actually seen each other during Harry and Meghan’s stay in the Frogmore Cottage just adjacent to that of William and his wife. In addition, during the inauguration of the statue in honor of the mother Diana, the two would speak only for a very short time.

It is not difficult to guess how between Meghan and the Queen things were not going very well. In the meantime, like Kate, she did not attend the last hours of her life but remained a London. The situation, even in this moment of crisis, seems to be delicate but who knows what right now we cannot go beyond established differences.

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