Franco Boschi captures Valsano, Susanna feels bad after her wedding with Niko

Franco Boschi captures Valsano, Susanna feels bad after her wedding with Niko
Franco Boschi captures Valsano, Susanna feels bad after her wedding with Niko
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Twist of the scene in the episode of Un posto al sole on Thursday 1 September. Susanna felt ill immediately after marrying Niko. Lello Valsano has been captured.

The episode of A Place in the Sun aired on Thursday September still holds the audience of the Neapolitan soap opera with bated breath. The attention of all the protagonists of the events that take place in the setting of Palazzo Palladini is concentrated on Viola and Susanna, were seriously injured by a gunshot fired by Lello Valsano. But if Susanna seemed to be slowly recovering, Viola’s condition continues to appear critical. In the episode broadcast this evening the twist. Franco Boschi helped the police to capture Lello Valsano while Susanna and Niko got married in the hospital. Immediately after the ceremony, however, the girl began to feel ill. “You are hot“, he only had time to exclaim Niko before his wife fainted. News also on Viola to whose bedside mother Ornella ran after a nurse ran outside the hospital to call her. The relaxed tone of the woman. he was suggesting good news: Viola may have woken up, but to find out we will have to wait for tomorrow’s episode.

A place in the sun, Viola in a coma after the shot

Viola’s conditions remain desperate. Ornella’s daughter went into a coma due to injuries sustained after the attack by Valsano. The prognosis is still reserved. At her nipple are her mother, her doctor, and her magistrate husband Eugenio Nicotera, father of her son Antonio. Nicotera is devastated. He feels guilty for the attack suffered by Viola, aware that the reason for the attack lies in his work. A transversal revenge that took place just as Viola was heading to the court to meet her husband.

Niko marries Susanna then she feels bad

Susanna’s health conditions, on the other hand, seemed to have improved. After her hospitalization, the woman seemed to have recovered enough to be transferred to the ward. After her awakening, Niko joined her from Maratea to ask her to marry him as soon as possible. Susanna, in fact, had appeared displeased due to the fact that her long convalescence would have forced her again to postpone the wedding with her partner. “Let’s get married in the hospital”, then proposed her partner. In the September 1 episode, the two got married just in time before Susanna got sick.

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