“Me at Palazzo Chigi? My wrists are shaking but I’m determined” |

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The political day was characterized by the involuntary “back and forth” between Prime Minister Mario


and Matteo


. As reported by sources from Palazzo Chigi, the premier is pushing ministers and technical structures to continue working intensively. The purpose? Achieve as many results as possible in the next two months.

But the leader of the Carroccio underlines: “The era of the technicians in government is over” and then asks “the confidence of the Italians for good policy with a capital P because the League has always kept its commitments”.

The M5s president, Giuseppe Conte, launches topics that are welcome to the people of the left. “The themes of ecological transition, legality, public ethics, anti-mafia and social justice are in our DNA,” he says. While on the energy front the leader of Action, Carlo Calenda, launches a proposal to respond to the alarm of companies on costs: “We cannot wait any longer, in the end the EU institutions will also arrive. In the meantime, let’s go to the Court of European justice, if needed “.


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Letta attacks the Fdi leader once again. “A person who is running for the presidency of the Council winked once again at the No vax. I find all this unbearable. The country needs a large investment in public health”, says the secretary of the Democratic Party.

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Renzi: “Italy did not deserve Di Maio vice premier” –

Renzi spares no criticism of Di Maio. “This country has had so many problems but perhaps it did not deserve to have Di Maio as vice president of the Council. And I am proud to have prevented, in August 2019, in that sober institutional scenario of Papeete, Salvini from obtaining the opportunity to go to early elections. It cost me a lot in terms of maalox because this led to the Giallorossi government, a side effect that I would have spared myself. Preventing Matteo Salvini from being in the Prime Minister’s book makes me look in the mirror with a little more ‘
of self-esteem “.

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