Elections: Salvini, no more technicians, it’s time for good politics – Politics

Elections: Salvini, no more technicians, it’s time for good politics – Politics
Elections: Salvini, no more technicians, it’s time for good politics – Politics
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“The age of the technicians is over. We ask the Italians to trust good politics with a capital ‘p’. We take our responsibilities”. The leader of the League said it, Matteo Salvini, during a press point in Milan. “The League – he added – has always kept its commitments. It is time for good politics to respond. I can’t wait for September 26 to arrive”. For the leader of the League, “having two or three names to represent the Italians before the vote, in my opinion, would be useful for the choice of citizens especially in some important ministries, I am thinking of Foreign Affairs, Economy, Justice. But rightly before we have to win the elections. Also because there are still many people who have not yet decided “.

“I’m not interested in winning and having a million unemployed in the streets on November 2nd. It is not possible, it is unthinkable – added Salvini -. I am interested in winning and governing a living country, not a country on its knees”, a country “. that works and grows, not that between now and the next few months it will have millions more unemployed. Some reforms cost zero – he explained – quota 41 costs 1 billion and 300 million and can be easily recovered from the savings of the crafty citizenship income “. Salvini pressed again on an immediate Energy decree: “thirty billion immediately, otherwise we risk losing a million jobs: I would like to know what they think from the government and from Letta”.

“I do not come here to say that if he rules the League there will be no more rape, violence and robbery, but I can find that when the security decrees were in force, when borders are controlled, police were hired and cameras were turned on,” the crimes were decreasing “, said Salvini from Piacenza, in the gardens near the station, recalling the rape of a woman which took place in the city a few days ago for which asylum seeker was arrested. “For me, the rapist and the drug dealer should be treated like the murderer: it is necessary to expel too many illegal immigrants who are in Italy to commit a crime”.

And from Milan come the words of Enrico Letta. “Let’s start from Milan the comeback that will take us to 25 September – said, arriving at the Unita party in Milan, the secretary of the Democratic Party – and convince the Italians to change the polls and change the forecasts that the center-right is giving today. winning. We will do it first of all with the vote of the young people who have already shown that they are in favor of us. And then we will talk to the undecided, the many abstentionists who are there: I am convinced that we will convince them with the goodness of our proposals “. Letta said he was “proud and proud” of opening the electoral campaign in the Lombard capital.

Elections, Letta: ‘Our comeback begins in Milan’


“We are in the current energy situation because Italy for decades has not seriously taken care of its energy supply and because Europe, instead of worrying about making strategic choices like this one, was there to make rules on how insects are cooked”: so the leader of FdI Giorgia Meloni speaking in the square in Perugia. “When they tried to point out that Europe had wrong priorities – she stressed – they told us that we were anti-European”.

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Elections, Conte: ‘We are uncomfortable, they tried to stop our work’

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