the savings plan of Cingolani-

the savings plan of Cingolani-
the savings plan of Cingolani-
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Since October the radiators will be lowered by one degree – from 20 to 19 – and kept on one hour less a day.

And this I will not go only to houses private – for central heating – but also in public buildings. In addition, the period in which it will be possible to keep the heaters on is reduced by two weeks.

This was confirmed by the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolaniduring the disclosure on the gas savings plan that is being held during the Council of Ministers in progress at Palazzo Chigi.

The squeeze on the heats should come with a ministerial decree that Cingolani himself will sign in the coming days. In the course of the disclosure, the same sources reveal, the minister did not refer to any recourse to smart working in the public service nor to interventions on the lighting of shop windows.

The plan would provide 3 scenarios calibrated on gas supplies arriving from Moscowwith the worst scenario that would foresee greater savings in the event of a total blockade of Russian supplies.

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, the president of ENEA, Gilberto Dialuce, who worked with Minister Cingolani on this savings plan, explained what other measures could be put in place to further cut gas demand. With a few tweaks, she said, we can reduce gas consumption by 2.7 billion cubic meters in just a few months.

Lowering the temperatures of radiators by only 1 degree, from 20 to 19, during the winter, reducing their use by one hour a day and shortening the heating period of two weeks, whether they are autonomous or centralized utilities, houses, villas and public offices, delaying the start in November and bringing forward the end of a week in March. the direction the government is going.

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We could even save almost 7 billion cubic meters, or almost a tenth of our annual requirement, with other small behavioral changes. Which? Let’s start with reduce the duration of our shower by two minutes and we reduce the water temperature by three degrees. We turn off the water when we soap ourselves. If we all did it from today, we would have about 1 billion cubic meters of gas saved between now and the end of March, says Dialuce.

Meanwhile, from Brussels after having implemented a plan to reduce the demand for gas, with consumption cuts of 15% for the autumn-winter, the EU Commission could put forward similar proposals for electricity, to protect critical industries.

We are considering short-term emergency measures not only for the underprivileged, but also for the middle class and industry, Commission Deputy Director-General for Energy Mechthild Worsdorfer told the EP’s Industry Committee. Today there is a shield from the increases for vulnerable social groups, she recalled, referring to possible proposals on reducing demand.

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