the ban on bathing in the sea is triggered

the ban on bathing in the sea is triggered
the ban on bathing in the sea is triggered
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For Arpae there is a ban on bathing on most of the coast of the province of Rimini where, due to the results of the analyzes, the waters were found to be unsuitable for swimming. The alarm was triggered on July 26 when, following a water sampling scheduled by Arpae, the results had initially shown that the values ​​of Escherichia coli were above the limits set by law. The first citizens of the cities concerned had therefore signed the ordinance banning bathing in 28 stretches of coast (then went down in the late afternoon of Thursday 28 July to 22) and, in particular, as regards Bellaria in the stretches mouth Vena 2, mouth Uso. Rimini: Torre Pedrera. Pedrera Grande Sud and Cavallaccio; Viserbella, Turkey; Viserba, the Sortie and Spina Sacramora; Rivabella, Turchetta; Rimini, mouth of Marecchia and Ausa; Bellariva, Colonnella 1 and 2; Marebello, Marco Polo Institute; Miramare, Roncasso and Rio Asse. Riccione: Fogliano Marina, Porto Canale, Burgo colony and Marano mouth. Misano Adriatico: Rio Alberello and Rio Agina. Catholic: mouth of the Conca and Ventena.

THE MUNICIPAL ANALYSIS – “We have data in possession opposite to those of Arpae”

THE MAYOR – “The data are a mystery, immediately a summit for the solution”

“The situation found is undoubtedly anomalous – reads the Arpae website – and some checks are underway to understand the causes that generated this unexpected situation. At the moment the possible hypotheses to explain the causes are represented by a set of exceptional meteorological, hydrological and marine conditions (very high water temperature for many weeks with values ​​oscillating around 30 °, prolonged absence of ventilation, poor water exchange, failure to dilute the inputs into the watercourses that reach the sea due to the severe drought), which, added together, may have had a particularly impacting effect on the composition of marine waters “.

On Friday (29 July), also on the basis of the data that will emerge from the additional samples taken, a meeting will be held at the Municipality of Rimini between all the bodies and stakeholders to jointly analyze the situation and any measures to be taken.

The bathing establishments affected by the ban are obliged to hoist the red and white flag prohibiting bathing while Anthea and the associations in charge of installing the information signs. The new analyzes of part of Arpae are underway to verify the quality of the water and, if necessary, extend or suspend the provision.

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