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La Ditta, Speranza and Boldrini: the Democratic Party takes everyone on board (and sinks)

La Ditta, Speranza and Boldrini: the Democratic Party takes everyone on board (and sinks)
La Ditta, Speranza and Boldrini: the Democratic Party takes everyone on board (and sinks)
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The debate, gentlemen, the debate. Yes, but candidates first. Who offers? Stefano Bonaccini immediately on the starting grid. He couldn’t wait. How long had it been kicking? Now we need a woman. The pink quotas, I recommend the pink quotas. Ok, there’s Elly with the last name tongue twister. More more. He’s there as well Paula DeMicheli. Satisfied feminists. Now we need the critical voice. Here she is: Gianni Cuperlo. It’s done!

And now the debate. Ideas, ideas out! A moment. Rules first. Online voting or old-fashioned gazebo? Better the latter, better not to give in to the former Occupy sardine Pd“. Which then really ends up occupying it. However, we cannot make the figure of the boyars. And then you compromise. Online vote “nì”. For a few. But let’s get to this blessed debate!

One more moment. First let’s get rid of a fundamental point: the Company. Shall we bring her back? Let’s talk about. How to leave out Pier Luigi Bersani, the jaguar stain remover? His periphrases almost won us the election in 2013. And then Massimo D’Alema? Bonaccini, so blatantly proud of having been a communist, wants them on board. And even Schlein, the one who wanted to scrap everyone, agrees. Not bad if the company moves the zero point and loses votes among the moderates. All aboard, damn it!

The debate, though. Let’s not lose sight of the debate, which otherwise Republic will be disappointed… with all the pages spent inviting this and that other person to discuss the left’s DNA. But, while we embark the Company, a niche for Robert Hope can’t we find it? He passed (unscathed) the ford of Covid. Not even the commission of inquiry scares him. But the voters? Now they have the callus. We paved the way by welcoming the virostars with open arms. We just miss Antonella Viola. But she’s too busy crusading against wine. So hope. What to ask for more? You will put the Pd in ​​order to the sound of Faq.

One more point before getting into the heart of the debate: the name. It needs an extreme restyling. Shall we change it? From Democratic Party to Labor Party. Acronym: Padel. Oops, we have a problem: can you see Orlando with rackets? And then PdL? From bad to worse. We come back then. Let’s rewrite the statute Laura Boldrini, fresh from membership. Articles, asterisks and schwa will finally fall into place. No more patriarchy, no more macho prevarication. Michela Murgia will be satisfied. The Lgbtqia+ are just missing. But Alexander Zan it’s already on track. Let’s start from the fundamentals. No hurry, huh? Time to time.

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While we’re at it… let’s focus on some themes. Thus, to give verve to the debate. What about hospitality, for example? Mmm, given the Soumahoro scandal, better slow down a bit. And about legality? Mmm, better fly over. Which otherwise remind us of the bribes of the emirs. We’re crappy. Before primaries, after all, there are administrative. And so, polls in hand, we risk a bloodbath!

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