Foggia, abuse and violence against psychiatric patients at Don Uva: the names of those arrested

Foggia, abuse and violence against psychiatric patients at Don Uva: the names of those arrested
Foggia, abuse and violence against psychiatric patients at Don Uva: the names of those arrested
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Alleged abuse and violence against psychiatric patients hospitalized in the Don Uva health facility in Foggia: 30 arrests in Foggia. The Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Foggia and of the Health Protection Group of Naples have carried out a precautionary measure against 30 people, for the crimes of aggravated ill-treatment, kidnapping, sexual violence, personal aiding and abetting and more.

In detail, these are 7 measures in prison, 8 under house arrest, 13 residence bans with a simultaneous approach ban and 2 residence bans. The complex and articulated investigation activity in question, directed and coordinated by the Foggia Public Prosecutor’s Office, was developed in particular by the soldiers of the Foggia Investigative Unit and the Nas of the capital and began last summer (details of the violence here).

Anna Maria Amodio, a nurse born in 1966, Pasquale Andriotta, a nurse born in 1963, Angelo Bonfitto, a nurse born in 1955, Antonio Melfi, a nurse born in 1961, Michele Partipilo, a nurse born in 1960, Nicola Scopece, a nurse born in 1971 and Nicola Antonio Tertibolese ended up in prison , obss class of 1959.

House arrests were made for Giuseppe Antonucci, nurse born in 1964, Antonio D’Angelo, supervising assistant born in 1981, Savino Giampietro, supervising assistant born in 1962, Martina Pia Longo, supervising assistant born in 1999, Ciro Mucciarone, nurse born in 1962, Salvatore Ricucci, supervising assistant born in 1979 , Aldo Rosiello, inspector born in 1959 and Rosanna Varanelli, inspector born in 1967.

The video images of the violence

The investigations conducted by the soldiers of the Arma, consisting of both traditional and technical investigations, the latter indispensable for the verification of the disputed facts, therefore made it possible to find – under a seriously circumstantial profile – numerous episodes of violence and abuse against a total of 25 people in conditions of incapacity and/or physical or mental inferiority, hospitalized in the social-health-rehabilitation facility.


Following the elements collected by the investigators of the Arma, the Public Prosecutor’s Office thus requested and obtained from the investigating judge of Foggia the personal coercive precautionary measures carried out against the suspects, who will be subjected to guarantee interrogation in the coming days.

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Searches by delegation of the judicial authority of Foggia, in addition to the homes of the 30 suspects, also the offices and premises of the health facility under investigation.

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